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Life On The Road Winter 2011

Updated on May 30, 2011

On the Road !

We are finally on the road heading north together the 2 of us ready to explore more of this big country of ours !!!

We had been down to Perth to get new tyres, battery & other goods as well as say" See you later " to my Uncle Arthur & Aunt Joan who we will miss as well as my Cousin Christine & Greg & boys from Mandurah.

However we will be back in October to see them so it's not Goodbye !

It took longer than planned to pack up ready to leave as our new friends all came over for a final coffee and even our last fire in our special spot .

Danny from the Ambulance came by after dropping the school kids off and shared us in having an Italian coffee and some of his experiences on the road one morning.

Julie & Will our neighbours invited us over what was going to be our last evening for a BBQ tea & Brian the friendly caretaker entertained us with his guitar.

We were very happy to have Brad & Nadia turn up , Brad was Neville’s workmate for months & I know Neville will miss his company .

Brad will go on & do well as an electrician & did some great work at the Morawa swimming pool.

We had worked out we needed another day so invited our new friends in a bus Mia , David & their dog Jack down for our last evening by the fire with another family who are travelling ,

Shiralee , Nick& 6 children who we really enjoyed meeting and getting to know . One of the girls is writing a book so I had a great chat with her about literary agents, publishers and of course HubPages !!

We will keep in touch via Facebook !

One of the girls makes the best marshmallows and shared them with us & they do taste delicious! We tried toasting them however because they didn’t have all the extra preservatives in them they melted fast !

The boys shared stories with us about experiences on their trip

After a pleasant time chatting & exchanging details they all left & we sat there on our own enjoying the fire , stars about to go to bed when a surprise visitor rocked up , Ron the friendly garbo man , he had seen all the candles around our car !

Ron had some bread so we shared toast on the fire and a good chat finally getting to bed at 12,30 am .

Time to Leave

We are on our way
We are on our way

Said goodbye to friends

A last look where we lived

On The Road

We passed other travelers
We passed other travelers
Went through Yalgoo
Went through Yalgoo
We passed road trains
We passed road trains
and plenty of signs
and plenty of signs
The trip was going well - UNTIL
The trip was going well - UNTIL
the leak
the leak


As we had been through Yalgoo , Mt Magnet and Cue we were keen to get past there and see new sights .

Our first night on the road we pulled into a spot that we had camped last time we were that way . at before Cue . A convey of oversized vehicles shared the spot with us.

When we free camp we don't normally have internet service so I can only get on to HubPages for my daily fix of Reccommend another hubbers hubsand check out Richieb s latest hubs or answer questions & hub hop now when in a town !

I take a lot of photo's in the meantime for the many hubs I will be writing as we travel !

We called into Meekathurra for petrol & woud have had a walk around town but as there was a major fight going on we felt safer getting back on the road . I had picked up some chicken & chips at the petrol station so we looked for a shady spot to eat . There wasn't any so we ate while traveling .

Our next night we were again fortunate to find a spot with shade as it was still quite hot when we stopped at about 4pm. After a well deserved drink & nibblies we cooked dinner on the BBQ.

BBQ dinner

Radiator problems

Had help looking for the problem
Had help looking for the problem
Found the leak
Found the leak

It was suggested by a mechanic in Cue that we drive back to Geraldton to get the radiator fixed which was a depressing thought , As I have the laptop I looked up to see what was available in Newman & I read an ad for a mechanical & radiator place so we decided to carry on north to Newman .

Our 2nd night out bush was an hour south of Newman so we were up early and on our way .

The first stop was to Newman Tourist information centre where we were told the guy had shut down .There is no one in town to fix a radiator . ..........................

We rang Joe a guy here that runs tours locally & we had met him in Morawa .

He suggested we book in straight away to Newman Caravan Park & he would come and find us.

Joe helped Nev look for the problem and gave a few ideas .

The best solution was for Neville to pull the radiator out himself and see if he could fix it .

So far ............... it looks OK .................

We will go for a drive around town, stock up on a few supplies & check it out !

Tomorrow if it is ok we will explore Newman & head to Karijini National Park for a few days & a new hub!

Newman WA

How to fix Radiator leak

Neville used Need it to patch the radiator
Neville used Need it to patch the radiator


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