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A small town in northern China

Updated on June 29, 2013

A visitor to a small town

As for my job, I always have to travel in China, visit different cities and meet different people. This time, I come to Fusong, a small town in northern China. It took me 6 hours to get here from the city called Jilin. 6 hours in a car, a really hard time for me.


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A small town in Northern China

This is really a small town

This is really a small town. The whole town is build alone a road called FuShun road. And if you want, you can walk from one side of the road to the other side within 30 minutes. Outside the town, you can see farmland and endless hills.

Before I came here, my friends told me that this was a small town, you'd better bring everything with you, because you can't buy anything there. But when I came here, I must say, this town is better than I expected. Though there is not many shops here, you can always get everything you need. And you can see many new houses in my photo. Yes, I guess, the whole country is busy building new houses. This is crazy, even in this small town.


Weather in the small town

I came here in June. In most part of China, the temperature should be 30 degree centigrade. But here, you will find it's cool. It's about 18-20 degree centigrade. You will get a good sleep in the night without an air control. So, this is a good place to escape from the hot summer.

the most beautiful building in the town

The most beautiful building here is belong to the government. Of course, this must be the chinese characteristics.

The unfinished China's high-speed rail

Not far from the town, you can see the China's high-speed rail is under construction. As I know, the project here has been stoped for about one year. But now, many workers are busy working on their jobs here. The country had spend much money on the high-speed rail. But I don't think this is worth the money. We don't need a such high-speed rail, but I can understand, the government need this to create more jobs.

Unfortunately, this railway just pass by the small town, and the people won't take any advantages of this railway.

Traffic here

Because this is not a big town, you can go to everywhere you want even by walk. But most people here like to take a bus, especially in winter. In winter, there is always a heavy snow and the temperature will fall to -20 degree centigrade. So no one would like to stay outside the door more than 10 minutes.

Of course, there are taxis here. And you can travel across the whole town by taxi with only 5 yuan, it's less than 1 dollar. If you drive here, you will never worry about the traffic jam, because you will never meet one.

Bussiness here

In northen China, you can find ginseng and pilose antler everywhere. These two things are used as chinese medicine to make an old man much stronger. I don't know if this is effective, but when I am old, maybe I will try. And this town is the biggest market to trade these things in Northern China. So if you want to buy ginseng and pilose antler, you will find a better price here.

Unforturnately, I came here in June, this is the best season to enjoy your vacation, escaping from the hot summer. But this is not the best season to buy ginseng and pilose antler. Maybe, I will come here in a better season next time.

Hotels here

I don't believe I am a lucky man. When I came to this town, and tried to find some place to stay. I couldn't find one. Because of the Junior high school examination, many students around this town came here with their parents. Yes, this made all the hotels in the town full. So you can see, examination is very important to the parents and child in China, they believe a better result in the examination will give the child a better life. And you can understand why there were girls and boys who killed themselves after they got a bad result. But does a better result in an examination really give a child a better life? I don't believe so. A better Education doesn't bring me any money.

Finally, I found a hostel to stay. No bathroom, no hot water, no network, just a bed and a TV in the room, for 50 yuan one day, that is about 8 dollars. I have to say, this is the cheapest and worst room I had ever lived. But it's better than sleep on the street. Isn't it?

Food in the town

Food here is not very special. And my most favourite food here are rice noodle and dumplings. Here, the rice noodle is not the best I had ever had, but is the cheapest one. 8 yuan, can you imagine. It's only a little more than 1 dollar. The people in northern China like dumplings. So you can have this in every restaurants here. It's really delicious. Maybe because I come from the southern China.

By the way, if you want, you can find cheap fruits and vegetable in the town.

People in the small town

Unlike the people in big cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, people here are very kind to you. They always say hello to me and talk to me, even if I am a stranger. Just like old friends. Once I found I hadn't brought enough money with me after I had a lunch, I felt very sorry, but the owner just said it's enough and let me go. After that, we became friends. To me, a visitor, It's great. A lonely visitor will always miss his family. I am missing my wife and my daughter. But a friend will make me feel better. This give me the feeling that I have come back home.

Leaving this small town

Tomorrow, I will leave this small town. Thanks to my friends, I had a wonderful time here, and I will miss you. I guess, when I am old, I will come back to this small town to find my old friends and live a simple life here. I will enjoy the cool summer and the best ginseng and pilose antler here. Good luck, my friends!


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