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Lighthouses in Northern California-Pigion Point

Updated on June 18, 2013

Pigion Point Lighthouse

Pigion Point lighthouse
Pigion Point lighthouse | Source
Surf near Pigion Point
Surf near Pigion Point | Source

Pigeon Point Lighthouse and Hostel

The lighthouses in California are many so I will only introduce you to one today. Pigeon Point sits hight above the Pacific oceon as most Calfornia lighthouses do. It offers overnight accommodations for those who do not mind a small amount of inconvenience. It is located at

210 Pigeon Point Road South Coastside, CA 94060 Call for reservations 650-879-0633

Pigeon Point is one of the tallest lighthouses in California, standing 115 feet high.


The Tempest and My Saviour

The wind is raging the waves continue to grow

The fog is a shroud, hiding sight of where I go

My boat is heaving no help seems near

The storm grows wilder my death I fear

Never before have I felt so inclined to pray

But there is no help out here, no other way

The tempest is tossing, my eyes can not see

What is ahead now or what is behind me

What is that light in the distance , that I see

Is it a lighthouse on the rock to guide me

Jesus did you hear me, send a light to guide my way

Did you hear when I asked you to help me today

“Child, I hear every word your lips share

I have just been waiting, close by, always there

Waiting to hear the love in your voice

As you look up to call to me the Angels rejoice”

“I am your lighthouse, Your Savior, your king

When you reach out to me, you will hear my angels sing”

Pigeon Point lighthouse

4 stars for Pigeon Point lighthouse

Jeus is my lighthouse


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