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Limousine and Shuttle Bus Service to the Staples Center

Updated on October 20, 2017

Located in the exuberantly pulsating heart of downtown Los Angeles is the sports and concert hosting centerpiece of Southern California called the "Staples Center". A premier entertainment venue situated perfectly within the Southland for easy freeway and secondary street access. Top tier local and international talent, both solo and group acts, frequent the arena to perform world class stage shows and electrifying musical productions which rival any other on earth in regard to overall quality and intrinsic value for consumer dollar spent. In addition to the engaging extravaganzas, the avid sports enthusiast will surely not be disappointed, both the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers and increasingly competitive Clippers play home court games on a continuously rotating schedule so loyal fans of either dynamic franchise will never miss a game. In addition, as an extra added sports bonus, the Los Angeles Kings hockey team has been a longstanding draw for decades and an integral facet of the diverse menu of events this prestigious venue has to offer. Basketball, Hockey, Concerts, and innumerable other athletic competitions and special productions can all be enjoyed at this multi purpose sports and music complex.

Mapping, maneuvering, and ultimately finding your way to the Staples Center is a relatively easy task for local residents and tourists alike although mild to moderate traffic congestion typically associated with the area and often encountered while commuting in and around the vicinity, should be a visitors primary consideration when calculating respective itinerary time allocations and making general plans to attend an event. Especially if you're scheduling a weekday outing when traditionally, major metro converging freeways that channel visitors directly to the center, typically host maximum vehicle capacity which can and usually does, result in significant delays. Los Angeles is unquestionably one of the most desirable cities in the world for relocation and retiree migration from colder regions of the world and as a trade off or eagerly accepted consequence of this consistent population growth trend, we as mild year round weather residents, do indeed pay a passive price in the form frequent traffic jams which can result in substantial schedule adjustments or constraints especially when traveling via freeway during rush hour.

Staple Center Los Angeles Driving Directions:

A markerStaples Center Los Angeles -
Staples Center, 1111 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015-1300, USA
get directions

With the preceding in mind, accepting and assuming the additional responsibility of driving a privately owned vehicle to the Staples Center for an afternoon or evening of entertainment pleasure is unquestionably the most popular and perhaps cost friendly option that the vast majority of commuters prefer regardless of traffic related obstacles that can test a mortal driver's physical and mental endurance. And once you navigate your way off the adjacent freeway or lesser traveled side streets and begin to carefully work your way to the designated parking area, weaving a deliberate path between converging traffic in a concerted effort to avoid minor incident, can indeed become a little frustrating at times but certainly not an unbearable task.

One of the convenient, user friendly features incorporated within this page which is designed to help you transform the somewhat adventurous, fuel consuming trip to downtown Los Angeles into a more time friendly, cost efficient, and seamless endeavor, is the embedded interactive map located above. Utilizing this roadway navigational tool will enable you to make the most of your special afternoon or evening by planning well in advance or even while in transit, which will hopefully result in maximum enjoyment from your outing. I think you know how it works by now, simply input pertinent data related to a specific destination or place of interest, in this case the Staples Center, then swiftly retrieve a precisely routed virtual map and driving directions to help plan your exciting excursion to perfection, and then enjoy.


Another more extravagant transportation option that is extremely popular in the Los Angeles and adjacent Beverly Hills area, is the hiring of a lavish, fully loaded, chauffeured sedan or limo and simply letting a tuxedo clad or formally attired professional who may be more experienced with specific traffic patterns and the region in general, do the driving for you. This choice can indeed provide the perfect atmosphere conducive to absolute maximum enjoyment, relaxation, flexibility, and irresistible pampering while making the drive to and from the downtown venue. Designating all driving duties and chores to a third party so you and friends, family, or business associates can sit back and relax or engage in a favorite road trip style activity is certainly not the most budget friendly way to travel but it can turn out to be a well deserved exercise in self indulgent night life perfection.

If you have a moderately flexible budget or a small group of attendees who unanimously agree upon this option as a preference, please refer to the extensive menu of over 20 Limousine and Shuttle Bus Companies located below for your immediate consideration. A compilation of region specific businesses and respective phone numbers that is offered to consumers as a research tool, reference guide, information gathering bookmark, and negotiations starting point, and not necessarily a recommendation of any business listed. As a result of daunting online research and due diligence, I've designed this all in one condensed page devoted to the most popular and preferred modes of designated driver transportation to the Staples Center. I am confident this user friendly resource page will become an invaluable asset to assist you today and in the future by providing everything you need to map the most efficient driving directions for a private trip using your personal vehicle, or, researching the best possible service options on a door to door shuttle service or extravagant premium luxury limo. All this accomplished in a time friendly manner.

Staples Center Los Angeles Limousine Companies:

AAA TownCar & Limousine
(866) 696-6611
Alexis Limousine & Sedan Svc.
(800) 579-3987
Alliance Limousine Inc.
(800) 954-5466
American Eagle Executive Trans.
(714) 915-5502
Beverly Hills Limousine Svc.
(877) 525-4669
Black & Gold Limo & Sedan
(877) 625-4668
Century Limousine Service
(877) 799-1717
Getting Out Limos
(800) 640-5885
Hollywood Limousine Service
(310) 606-0182
(800) 743-4183
Lightning Limos
(877) 870-2254
Los Angeles Limos Inc.
(800) 366-8662
Los Angeles SUV Limo Svc.
(877) 760-1030
San Diego Limo Bus
(619) 225-8466
Santa Barbara Limo
(805) 245-2543
Serpentine Limo
(877) 546-6818
Silver Star Limo & Airport Svc.
(714) 369-8911
South Coast Limousines
(866) 725-4667
Spectrum Limousines
(619) 224-6900
Staples Center Limousine Svc.
(800) 708-7009
Superior Limousine & Trans.
(310) 577-5777

Staples Center Los Angeles Shuttle Bus Service:

<> PHONE <>
Payless Airport Shuttle Trans. Svc.
(562) 726-2210
Prime Time Shuttle
(800) 733-8267
<> Staples Center Address <>
<> Phone <>
1111 South Figueroa Street
(213) 742-7100 
Los Angeles, Ca 90015-1300  
NOTE: If you have a Limousine or Shuttle Company Preference or Recommendation, or, you own a transportation company and would like to see your business listed here on this reference page, please leave a brief message in the comments section below including the web site address and I will strive to accommodate your request by incorporating the information suggested -
<> Custom images courtesy of Alternative Prime's "personal experience" collection <>


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