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Living Underground in Tunnels!!

Updated on June 21, 2014

Living Underground in the Tunnels of Earth

Living Underground in the Tunnels of Earth
Living Underground in the Tunnels of Earth | Source

Tunnels Found on You Tube

Living Underground in the Tunnels of Earth

The idea that there are tunnels in the earth that is all over the world and livable for the elite or the secret society is not too impossible is it? Ok, so I know this sounds all science fiction, but if you doubt me on this article, research what I am talking about and see if it is not possible. I have read about tunnels from Ft. Stockton, Texas to Carlsbad that actually start out in Mexico, look this up and search the internet if you’re a non-believer. There are also tunnels to the major hub of Denver, Colorado. These are not drainage tunnels these are inhabitable tunnels with their own system of transportation that is fast like when you go to a bank and send in the tube a transaction to the main building from your vehicle, this type of transportation I read is what is under your feet.

Ok , pretty far out or is it, just search out tunnels in the earth and see for yourself. These are not hidden secrets, or are they? I was reading a Ft. Stockton, newspaper one day and this is a very small West Texas town and residents felt the earth shaking from what appeared to be explosions in the earth. Well there is a military operation there that is classified as secret yet it’s all over the internet. You search and you find all sorts of interesting things in the earth. Carlsbad, New Mexico, has caverns and so does a great majority of the earth’s crust in the country, large enough for a few football fields, in certain cavities. These could be used to grow food and with the water these cavers have used for drinking. Therefore where did I come up with people living underground? Well the internet has maps of the tunnels running from all areas of the United States to a major hub in Denver, Colorado. Why Denver? I do not know.

I think a lot of this is conspiracy theories, though they make sense, for certain amount of the population to obtain for their own unfortunate life. There were underground railroads back in the slave days and some of these have been used as well. The fictitious story is as outlined in my research into this. The maps are not fictitious, there are underground tunnels being built by a major company called Rand, they are into the construction and pictures show these tunnel trucks that are huge that melt away the rocks in their way for passage to making these eighteen wheeler size tunnels underground for transportation . Why? You may ask. I don’t have a clue, do you?

It is something we are not in on, because we are not to do anything but live on the outside looking in. We can read about the things such as conspiracy theories and how much should one believe. I have my opinions and there are some with facts. The only reason for writing this article is for your office workers out there to wake up and pay attention to your surroundings and what is really happening to this country. Is it not evident that it is going down the tubes, so to speak? Who will be the elite few that get to live in these tunnels, or are they living there now.

Are there UFO’s that fly into these places in the desert, as many pictures and accounts have mentioned on the internet, I believe it is possible. The UfO thing is for real, cause if not the higher ups would of told you they were non-existent, so we have not heard about it on the news, have you heard about Japan lately? No because we are all affected in one way or another. People go about their daily lives as I do , and don’t really want to accept the bad and the good, they have too many money problems, credit issues, and families to work with during these hard times , even though most of you need a new cell phone like you friends, and we still need the new hybrid car or SUV that we saw the other day.

I am not sure which is worse, paying attention to what we don’t know or putting out head in the sand like a freaking duck. I think most would say, yeah so what, until something weird happens and its on the news, but we can’t trust them, and we have the internet, that is regulated, so we can only get so much information form this now as well.

I just had time on my hands today since I am off work and decided I have not written a hub in a while and was thinking of what we don’t know and what we do know about our planet. It is funny sometimes when you think about all the secrecy that really is no secret, just a bunch of idiocracy in the world that makes the planet turn.


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