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Lopez Farm (Nueva Vizcaya)

Updated on August 13, 2016

I've been seeing a lot of posts lately about traveling and going to places where all the tourists already go. Every travel destination is already crowded and teeming with people that you end up not enjoying your leisure time because the rest and relaxation you needed was not met.

If you and your family or friends are looking for new places where it's cheap, away from all the crowd and hustle and bustle of city life, LOPEZ FARM is the place for you.

Travel from Manila to Nueva Vizcaya

LOPEZ FARM is located in one of the provinces of the Philippines in Nueva Vizcaya. Nueva Vizcaya is a small province 8 hours away from Manila aboard a bus, but sometimes, travel time takes longer that's why you need to pack extra patience for the travel. You should also ask relatives or friends here in the Philippines if they know host families or tour guides who could stay with you throughout your vacation in Nueva Vizcaya and show you more places.

Take a bus in Manila going to Tuguegarao. In the Philippines, since most of the bus stations do the ticket system, you need to buy a ticket going to Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya. The fare ranges from 250-300 php per person (roughly $6 per person). Victory Liner is one of the terminals highly recommended because they have a stop over called CCQ Bus Stop; it is already in Nueva Vizcaya and near Lopez Farm. It is also where you can meet with your host family and tour guide.

What To Pack

Temperature in Nueva Vizcaya changes from day to night; it is a bit hot in the morning but gets pretty cold at night. For your stay in Lopez farm, you can pack short shorts and tank tops for morning wear and pajamas and jackets for evening wear. You can also bring hiking shoes and hiking clothes for adventures since Lopez farm is mostly mountains and rocky terrains. Pack swimming clothes because Lopez farm has two swimming pools at the top of a mountain for kids and adults where you can enjoy the cold water coming from the mountains.

Besides packing clothes, you should also pack toiletries and enough food because Lopez Farm is a bit far from the market and other stores. You can ask your tour guide or host family to accompany you to the market first before going to Lopez Farm for all the supplies you need. There are grilling stations in Lopez Farm so you can also buy your coals in the market and matches or lighters. You should also pack flashlights, first aid kits and anti-mosquito lotions for safety. If you don't want to rent out cottages, you can also bring tents.

You should also note that since Lopez Farm is on top of the mountain, there are no cellphone signals and cellphones are only mostly used for taking pictures that's why you should bring other things to entertain you while on vacation.

Recreational Vacation

Besides the swimming pool and mountains for hiking, the owners of Lopez Farm also made sure that there were recreational areas for families and friends to enjoy. They have a Pavilion on top of the mountain for large gatherings where you can rent their videoke machine and sing your heart out without the fear of disturbing anyone.

There are also monkey bars, one rope bridges and other recreational areas made out of wood that children and kids at heart can use for games. These are often used by people during work team building or students camping in the area.

Things to Remember

  • Prices-From the fare to and from Manila, to the food and stay in Lopez Farm, you will need to have at least 2,000 for each person (roughly $40 per person) besides the pocket money for emergency needs.
  • Host Family/Tour Guide
    -Before trusting a host family/tour guide in accompanying you throughout your vacation, be sure to research about them or that they were highly recommended by your friends and families here in the Philippines.
  • Pack all the necessary things you need
  • Always be alert, especially when traveling
  • Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints

Final Note

Before going to different places, don't be afraid to research. Research about the place, the people and the community.

And remember to ENJOY LIFE!


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