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Luggage Safety

Updated on November 27, 2008

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Your luggage needs to be marked with your info, but there's a safe way to do it.

I never mark my luggage with my home address and phone number. I list my office address instead of my home. If my suitcase gets lost, I give the airline my work address also.

This is especially important for single women traveling alone.

Is Your Suitcase Waterproof?

The majority of luggage these days seems to be made of canvas. It's a plus because it's lightweight, colorful and inexpensive. But until you've walked a couple blocks to your hotel in the pouring rain, you don't think about whether your suitcase is waterproof.

One of the greatest inventions for travelers is the Space Bag. Basically, it's like a large plastic zipper bag which has a baffle to allow you to squeeze out the extra air and then save space in your suitcase. On top of that, it'll keep your clothes dry. (A tip to help you squeeze out the air - - - set the bag on top of something hard, whether it's the floor, the dresser, or even the toilet lid. Then sit on it! Even if you only weigh 100 pounds, that's a lot more pressure than you can manage with just your hands, squeezing out the air.)

Besides that, I usually have a couple large trash bags. Sometimes, I use them to line the top and bottom of my suitcase to keep things dry. Sometimes I just put everything into the trash bag.


Before you leave on your trip, print out a couple copies of your entire itinerary - - listing your flights, hotels, etc.. Keep a printout in each suitcase, carryon bag, backpack. If you get separated from your luggage, you have a better chance of reconnecting with it if your travel plans are inside it.

What's in Your Carryon Bag?

Let's assume you're going away on a big trip and are checking in one or two suitcases. Your carryon bag should include your things of value, such as laptop computer, camera, electronics. But your carryon should also include at least one complete change of clothing.

If that sounds strange, you should realize that more and more luggage is not meeting you at your destination. While the airlines usually will get it to you (eventually), you need to have another change of clothes available.

I've been on several trips with 10-15 people, and each time there were bags delayed.


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    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 9 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      Good tip about checking if your case if waterproof! Mine got soaked when I was changing planes a few months ago - and I arrived with soggy clothes. yuck.