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Updated on January 11, 2017
A doctor from  DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS on a mission
A doctor from DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS on a mission

I begin this essay with the regular arrival of Medicin Sans Frontieres donation letter in our mailbox.I have heard of Medicins Sans Frontieres before and what they do.I always thought that they are one of the more legitimate non profit organizations who has very good reasons to ask for donations.So I began sending money to this organization.Having worked in the healthcare field as a profession, I understand full well the magnitude of what saving lives mean.

I have always been interested in volunteering and have done minor volunteer stints locally and in France.Although my volunteer experience is practically nil and not worth mentioning compared to these doctors, I am intrigued by the missions that Medicins sans Frontieres undertake. Most of their medical missions are done in the Sub-saharan African countries where human lives are literally equated next to nothing.There is something to be admired of these doctors who sacrifice fearlessly in conquering the medical battlefields in the worst God forsaken lands.What motivates them to take on the insurmountable challenges of this job without reservations is mind boggling .The most logical reason that comes to my mind is ,these special breed of human beings were directly chiseled out of Hippocrates rib- him being known as the father of Medicine.Monetary remuneration is not definitely on the top of their list and neither fame nor prestige. Stories of African people who had been marginalized and forgotten by the world, human carnage and waste beyond belief is an everyday staple these doctors witness .With limited medical equipment,supplies and resources, there had been several times when these doctors are left with their own devices , made choices against their medical code of ethics and end up full of remorse later on.I can only imagine the turmoil that goes on in their heads when they have no way out but forced to make wrong decisions and expect them to live with it with their heads straight .I take my hats off on the resilience these men and women are built with . Many times, crisis has not been abated, and they are left with nothing to say but" I AM SORRY". Any human being in their right frame of mind will find this inconsolable to say but sadly, these men and women are given the grim responsibility of being a bearer of bad news.

When you have a sea of people , needing medical care in the direst of conditions and most appalling situations,it takes a lot of emotional ,physical and intellectual stamina to take on the everyday challenges these men and women face.I will not be surprised if one day, something has to give in and the toll can be devastating. After all, the emotional and physical reserves of the body is not infinite but have a limited shelf life limit of its own.

It is hopeful and encouraging that even with the modern day anthem of seeking the medical profession with interest for personal gain , there are still some chosen few, whose primary reason in pursuing the arena of medicine as a profession is purely based on the principles of " HOW MAY I SERVE" . I can see HIPPOCRATES smiling from heaven and from his grave.His motto:"I serve and thou shalt do no harm " was not phrased in vain. It has been well served .


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    • Dan Barfield profile image

      Dan Barfield 5 years ago from Gloucestershire, England, UK

      Great hub - I had heard of this organisation but didn't know what they were about. I think I may do a little more research into them now. I'm looking for charitable organisations and folks doing good works in the world to spotlight in a series of hubs I'm starting about positive change in the world today.

    • BongSantos profile image

      Jobb Gosamo 5 years ago from Philippines

      They are smiling from heaven, seeing that there's one like you who sincerely cares. I'm in awe of your love for your fellowmen. Bless you