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M/V Polar Star

Updated on February 25, 2007

Leaving Port

M/V Polar Star

My Antarctic Icebreaker Cruise Shp

On the ship, I shared a cabin with one person. The cabin was rather small, with two beds, a desk, and a small closet. It also had a bathroom that was dominated by a small walk-in shower. It was one of the smallest rooms on the ship, but I still found it comfortable enough. The bed was comfortable, and I was only in the cabin to sleep.

I spent a lot of my time when not on excursions hanging out on deck, on the bridge, or in the lounge. The ship also had a library where you could find books to read and play chess. There was also a bar lounge. I preferred the big lounge on deck 5 because you could enjoy the view without going outside. It was a great place to warm up after being out on deck.

The ship also has a small gift shop. Here you can buy a few Polar Star souvenirs and Antarctica T-shirts. You can also buy film, batteries, and snacks, but they cost a lot of money.

The staff was friendly and helpful. They were especially helpful the first few days, when trying to find your way around the ship.

The only problem we encountered was the toilet system being broken one morning on our side of the ship. The problem was that too many people were not telling reception when their toilet lost pressure, so a small problem became a big problem. The problem happened shortly before we did a landing, and the plumber had it fixed not long after we returned to the ship.


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