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Machu Picchu Peru: 5 Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know About Machu Picchu

Updated on November 26, 2014

Enigmatic Machu Picchu

The enigmatic architecture of Machu Picchu and the history of the site have cemented its entry to the contemporary list of the Seven Wonders of the World. The cultural, historical, and architectural facets of this magnificent monument attract thousands of tourists from all over the world.

These wonderful ruins are a constant subject of archeological and scientific research. Dedicated researchers keep revealing interesting facts about Machu Picchu that keep adding to mystery and grandeur of this site.

Machu Picchu Urubamba Valley


5 Special Things To See Around The Incan Ruins

While there are some things that are common knowledge, other facts reveal the lesser-known sides of the lost city, findings that in their own right, are quite amazing!

  1. We all know that visitors queue up to climb the green peak of Huayna Picchu to catch a glimpse of the bird’s eye view of Machu Picchu, because only 400 pairs of feet are allowed to enter the site at one time. However, what is less known is that there is another pinnacle at the opposite end known as the Machu Picchu Mountain. With an altitude of 1,640 feet, it is almost double the climb of the Huayna Picchu peak. What‘s waiting for you at the end of this steep climb is a magnificent view of the Urubamba River surrounding Machu Picchu, like a giant snake spiraled up to protect its precious treasure! So, if you have Machu Picchu on your travel list, now you know there is more than one peak to explore!

  2. The Incas are known around the world for their grand stone architecture, but did you know that most of the stone structures did not use any mortar to hold the stones together? They used a method that was known as ‘ashlar’ that was used to cut and fit the stones so precisely that it made them earthquake-resistant! When earthquakes occurred the stones were said to ‘dance’, like Irish river-dancers, and then fall back perfectly into place after the shaking had stopped. And guess what, the joins are so precise, you can’t place even a sheet of paper in between! Now that’s smart engineering. Don’t forget to take a closer look when you’re there!

  3. Engineer Kenneth Wright revealed that he assumes 60% of Machu Picchu’s construction to be built underground. What we see on the surface today is a reformation work done by the restoration workers since its discovery in 1911, which is believed to be a re-creation of the original lost city. It’s interesting to ponder what’s underneath and to think that the best still remains invisible to our eyes...

  4. If you’re planning to visit Machu Picchu then look beyond the stock standard tourist information. If you want to know about the real history, and more interesting facts about Machu Picchu, then visit the Museo de Sitio Manuel Chavez Ballon. This museum can answer all your inevitable questions, revealing a host of secrets about the formation of this monument citadel, and about the choice of location for building it. More adventure lies in discovering the location of this Museum which lies at the base of Machu Picchu. It’s roughly a half hour walk from Aguas Calientes - the journey to the museum is a treat in itself even before you visit the lost city!

  5. If you have managed to claim your place amongst the first 400 hikers to the Huayna Picchu peak, then you might be interested to know this. From the peak, there’s an adventurous trail that will take you to the Temple of the Moon, a ceremonial shrine inside a cave, which was believed to hold mummies in ancient times. The intricate details of the stonework carved into the cave walls stand testimony to the great craftsmanship of these people. It’s yet another fascinating feature surrounding Machu Picchu – making it an extra enticing place to visit as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. If you want something extra to add to your experience and adventure, then you can’t miss this. Do prepare yourself mentally and physically to take the climb and discover the spine-tingling journey to the hidden temple!

Urubamba Valley Machu Picchu Peru

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Urubamba Valley Machu Picchu Peru

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Peru Landmarks, Museums and Archaeological Sites

So… If you’re planning to travel to Machu Picchu, you now have a few more must-see landmarks and hidden treasures to explore. In order to enjoy all these little hidden gems, it’s well worth traveling with good guides who know the area and can give you a full account of everything the region has to offer. If you’re not going it alone, consider traveling with a small group. It’s more fun exploring with a bunch of like-minded folk, and you won’t have to worry about getting to where you need to go on your own. It’s also well worth traveling with a company that has been around a long time, who can take care of all the tiny details so you are free to immerse yourself fully in every experience with peace of mind.

Have fun exploring the wonders of Peru and Machu Picchu! Believe me, and thousands of others who have been before you, you’re immersion in this place of such spiritual and physical beauty, will fill you with more questions about the lives of the people that lived there, than when you first arrived.

Peru Adventure Tour with Active Adventures South America

Machu Pichu Ruins


Packing List

Fun and other Stuff
Lots of water
Warm Jacket
Mozzie repellant
Chocolate and snacks
Good hiking boots
Journal to record your fun
Wipes for sampling Peruvian food

Inca Trail Peru



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    • wadsy profile image

      Mia Gordon 3 years ago from New Zealand

      Thanks for your comment :-) it really does have a mystical quality about it and is a magical place.

    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 3 years ago

      What an exotic wonderful experience. Would so like to go there. Thank you for sharing this wonderful Peruvian experience.