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Malindo Air Review » The Indo-Malay Airline

Updated on July 10, 2016

Since the holidays are coming in a few months, many of you might have already started to plan your dream vacation. However, judging from your visit to this article, you still haven't picked an airline to travel with. Picking a good airline is important. You'll have to make sure that they are reasonably priced and offer great service. In this review, we will be specifically reviewing the Indo-Malaysian airline, Malindo Air. So, without further waiting, let's jump into our Malindo Air review.

Check-In Experience

This review is a bit out-dated. At the time of the review, Malindo Air hadn't launched their online check-in feature. Out of estimation, this feature will allow faster check-in than usual. Using the online check-in feature, you can see which plane you're supposed to board and also see your itinerary or travel documents. For manual check-in's, the process was moderately long (normal). The service staff, however, looked liked they had their souls sucked out. They were slightly friendly, however, they also looked very tired. They weren't rude, however. The process of uploading our baggage were moderately easy. Once, you get on the plane is when you notice some quirks.

Price and Availabilty

As for pricing, Malindo Air and Air Asia go neck and neck. In the past, Malindo offered better pricing than Air Asia. However, that changed recently. If you want the best pricing check daily. Sometimes, Malindo offers the best prices for present flights. Other times, Air Asia offers the best prices for future flights. In terms of availability, Malindo Air definitely looses. Their fleet size or the number of airplanes they have is 30. While Air Asia has a fleet size of 82 and this excludes their airplanes from foreign branches. You can expect seats to run out at Malindo Air as the holidays come near. Friendly advice, book flights at least 2-5 in advance to enjoy the best prices. Or that's what the rumors say in Malaysia.

Meals and Bevarages

In our flight, we were served crackers and water. On their official website, they said that they provide full meals for both economy and business class. This could either be caused by two things. Either we have to make changes in the meal plan during check-in or it's because our flight journey was too short. Anyways, the crackers are just plain crackers with no cream. As for water, they served in the small plastic cup variety. They didn't even have the courtesy of providing standard bottle size. Anyways, I haven't tried any meals, so I can't make a comment.


The flight attendants at Malindo Air were friendly. In fact, they were too friendly that it felt forced. When I saw one of the flight attendants demonstrating on how to buckle the belts, it looked like her soul was escaping her body. She seemed too happy, yet too sad. Anyways, moving on to the part I was ignored. When I ran out of water, I pressed the "I want help" button to request for help. After I pressed the button for the third time, then she came. Then again, I might not have pressed the button hard enough.

In-flight Entertainment

During the time of this review, Malindo had not notified anyone that regular airplanes don't come with in-flight entertainment. When I say regular, I mean both economy and business class. Only Boeing airplanes come with in-flight entertainment. And what is Boeing? They're an airplane manufacturer. So sadly, my flight didn't come with entertainment. Again, I'm sorry for this non-detailed review. However, I can happily announce that you can use your electronics as long they're in airplane mode. There's a small latch that opens, which you could you use as mini desk. Just don't hope to be productive.


My overall experience with Malindo Air was great. However, I was offended when the air hostess asked me to verify my age. However again, if I were to board that plane under the same circumstances for 8 hours, this review would definitely be negative. For those with a long journey, please board the Boeing plane as it has entertainment and places to charges your items. Anyways, have a safe journey in advance. Thank you for reading this Malindo Air review and I hope that you'll have a wonderful day. Good-bye and see you in the next article.

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