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Slovenia - Maribor

Updated on July 2, 2013

2nd Largest City in Slovenia

Maribor is 2nd largest city in Slovenia and lies in Lower Styria region near river Drava. Maribor has a very beautiful old town centre with many nice squares. One of most attractive places is Lent near Drava river where are many restaurants and bar. You can also enjoy Lent Festival there in June. Also in the neighbourhood you can find a lot of interesting activities. Especially Pohorje is nice for hiking in summer and skiing in winter. It is also nice to go uphill on Pyramid Hill or Calvary Hill where is nice view on the town.

Maribor - Lent
Maribor - Lent

Where is Maribor?

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Maribor, Slovenija
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Maribor Map

Castle Square
Castle Square | Source

Castle Square (Grajski trg)

Castle square is located in the Maribor old town centre. It got its name because of castle that is located on this square. Inside the castle is museum that is worth to see. Around this square you can find some shops, restaurants (Coffeehouse Astoria), Hotel Orel, etc. In the summer time it is nice to sit down at Castle Square and drink some beer.

Maribor Castle
Maribor Castle | Source

Maribor Castle

Maribor Castle is located at Castle Square in the centre of Maribor. Inside the castle is interesting Regional museum of Maribor with many different collections so it is worth to see. Don't miss also baroque stairway, bastion and Festive Hall where Franz Listz had concert.

Jewish Tower on Jewish Street
Jewish Tower on Jewish Street | Source

Jewish Street

Jewish Street is just above Lent so it is easy to see both places. At Jewish Street you can still see old city walls, Sinagogue, Jewish Tower on the corner of old city walls, many galleries, statue Five organic perils ... It is nice view of river Drava with bridges and Water Tower on Lent from walls on Jewish Street.

Lent | Source


Lent in Maribor is a nice place near river Drava where you can walk or sit down in some bar or restaurant and relax with view on the river. Most interesting attractions on Lent are Water Tower, Judgement Tower, Jewish Tower on Jewish Street above Lent, Old Vine and Old Vine House, Minorite Monastery ... In june you can enjoy in famous Lent Festival.

Pyramid Hill
Pyramid Hill | Source

Pyramid Hill

Pyramid Hill is small hill above Maribor. It is located near Maribor Park that is also nice to visit. Path on the top of Pyramid Hill is through vineyards and is nice to visit all time of the year. It is easy and less than 30 minutes long walk. On the top is nice view of Maribor and surroundings. It used to be the castle on the hill but today there is just small chappel. Nearby hill is Kalvarija.

Slomsek Square
Slomsek Square | Source

Slomsek Square

Slomsek Square is nice square in the centre of Maribor. There is located Cathedral - Parish church of St. John Baptist, Slovene National Theatre, University building, Post Office Building, Diocesan building ... You can enjoy in nice buildings, enter into Cathedral. In front of Cathedral is light column dated to 1517. From this square you can continue to Main Square.

River Drava
River Drava | Source

River Drava

River Drava is flowing near Maribor or we can say through Maribor. Most scenic part of Maribor near river Drava is Lent. Best view is from Stari most (Old bridge). There are many others bridges over river Drava, Studenec footbridge is only for pedestrians. There are plans also for new footbridge near Old bridge at Lent.

Maribor City Park
Maribor City Park | Source

Maribor City Park

Maribor City Park is located on the north part of the town. It is interesting to walk through the park where you can see different trees, scupltures, some pond, etc. Inside the park is also Aquarium - terrarium where you can see different animals. There is also some part of the park reservated for children's playground. Northern of the park you can see Three ponds.

Three Ponds
Three Ponds | Source

Three Ponds

Three Ponds are located near Maribor City Park. As the name says there are three ponds. First two are just one after another but the third one is not so easy to find cause it is located in the forest on another side of the road. There are paths all around the ponds, you can see some ducks, turtles, etc. It is a very nice place to go out of the city an relax in silent.

Calvary | Source


Maribor's Calvary is a small hill above Maribor that offers you beautiful view on Maribor and its neighbourhood. If you start your trip at Biotechnical school then you have to climb over 455 steep steps that leads on the top. On the Calvary you can visit Church of St. Barbara. All around the hill you will see vineyards.

Best in Maribor or neighbourhood

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    • itd24 profile image

      itd24 6 years ago

      I lived in Maribor for a while, it a beautiful place. Really worth a visit.

    • robDave profile image

      robDave 7 years ago from Slovenia

      I prefer Maribor than Ljubljana, specially in winter, since there is much more sun.

    • pvednik profile image

      pvednik 7 years ago

      The fans are difficult to wait, but nature was stronger. Considerable uncertainty arises after the failure of two games Pohorje Golden Fox.

    • gnomee profile image

      gnomee 7 years ago from Slovenia

      It's a really nice city.

    • bizijebator profile image

      bizijebator 7 years ago from slovenia

      so beautiful pictures, really like it

    • kcreery profile image

      Kevin 8 years ago from Whistler Canada

      Looks like an interesting place to visit.