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Massachusetts Vacations History And Education

Updated on June 28, 2011


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a great destination for tourism and vacations. The country's history is ingrained into the atmosphere of Massachusetts.

One of the most recognizable sports franchises "The Boston Red Sox play their games at Historic Fenway Park in Boston. Even though New England residents are called "Yankees" do not make that mistake when talking to baseball fans in Massachusetts. Other sports teams from Massachusetts include the "New England Patriots", the "Boston Bruins", and the "Boston Celtics".

Historic Sites

The hospitals in Massachusetts are some of the best places for treatment in the world. Patients from all over the globe also come to the state for treatment.

Massachusetts also has some of the best colleges and universities in the world. Students attend colleges in the state from all over the world.

Tourism is a major part of the state's economy and with all the historic and scenic spots in Massachusetts it is not hard to see why. If you are looking for a vacation destination with a wide array of options then the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is everything you are looking for and more.

Colonial America


Massachusetts comes from an Algonquian Indian word which translates as "The Great Mountain".   Which is thought to refer to the Great Blue Hill, the highest peak in what is now the Blue Hills Reservation. A recreation area which is located south of the town of Milton. The nickname of the "Bay State" is referring to the settlement which first appeared on Cape Cod Bay.

There is an abundance of American history existing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The shores of Massachusetts was the first part of the North American continent settled by Europeans.

The colonists that arrived on the Mayflower landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620. They found the area perfect for shipping with diverse cornfields and small running brooks. These Pilgrims had fled their homeland due to religious persecution to find a new home in this unfamiliar land. The colony which was founded became the hub of commerce and industry in the "New World". It was a beacon of liberty and freedom worldwide.

Boston Common

Significant Events In The History Of Massachusetts

 It was in Massachusetts that the idea of popular government took form. Massachusetts also founded the first public school system. The town hall meetings which became the form of self-government for the country was introduced in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The first newspapers as well as the first private academies were founded in Massachusetts.Harvard University was the first American college, founded in Cambridge in 1636. 

The all American holiday of Thanksgiving drew its roots from a celebration of colonists and the Native tribes in Plymouth.  It was Salem Massachusetts that held the notorious witch persecutions during the 1700's.

It was in Massachusetts that the sparks that ignited the American Revolution were lit.  In Boston Harbour the famous Boston Tea Party occurred in 1773 when the colonists protesting British Tax Laws discarded the contents of the British tea ships into the harbour.  The first shots of the conflict that was the impetus for the creation of the United States was fired in Lexington and Concord at Bunker Hill.

John F. Kennedy

United States Presidents From Massachusetts

The first vice president was elected as our second president, John Adams.  His son John Quincy Adams was elected as the countries sixth president.

The thirtieth President Calvin Coolidge as well as the thirty fifth president John F. Kennedy were also from the Commonwealth.

During the 1988 election both candidates were from Massachusetts, the governer Michael Dukakis was defeated by George Bush the then sitting vice president.


Family Vacations


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts joined the Union as the sixth State on February 6, 1788. It adopted its original constitution in 1789 under which it is still governed. The Massachusetts Bay Colony chose Boston as its capital in 1780 it has remained the capital ever since.

Even though there are several industries as well as many corporate headquarters located within the state. Massachusetts is very popular among tourists. The state has a diverse selection of scenic and recreational attractions.

Whether you are drawn to the sandy beaches of Cape Cod or the wooded Berkshire Hills in the west you are sure to be pleased with a vacation in Massachusetts. The most popular seaside and resort areas are Cape Ann on the North Shore or Cape Cod and the Islands (Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket) in the Southeast. The entire coastline has beautiful harbors for boating, swimming and fishing. If you move inland you can find incredible inspiration along the Mohawk Trail.

Tourists from around the globe are drawn to the historic and cultural diversity of Massachusetts. The past is preserved for future generations in Boston and other cities and towns in historic monuments, buildings, museums and libraries.

There are many things to do and see in Massachusetts which will provide a very enjoyable vacation experience for visitors young and old.

Massachusetts Colleges And Universities

Massachusetts has more colleges and Universities per square miles than anywhere else in the world:

The University of Massachusetts is the main state supported school with several branches spread across the state.  There are locations in  Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell, and Worcester.

Harvard, which is located in Cambridge was the first College founded in The United states.

Some other colleges which are located in Massachusetts include:

Northeastern University and Boston University, Both of which are located in Boston.

Boston College, which is in Chestnut Hill.

Brandeis University is in Waltham.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT is in Cambridge.

Tufts University, in Medford.

College of the Holy Cross, in Worcester.

Clark University, in Worcester.

Smith College, in Northampton.

Springfield College, in Springfield.

Wellesley College, in Wellesley.

Mount Holyoke College, in South Hadley.

Williams College, in Williamstown.

American International College, in Springfield.

Amherst College, in Amherst.

In all there are over one hundred Colleges, Universities, and Teaching Hospitals located in Massachusetts, that includes an extensive chain of State Colleges.


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    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      We have some family that lives in Massachusetts. Wonderful hub.

    • Cagsil profile image

      Cagsil 7 years ago from USA or America

      This is actually my third visit to your page. I read it, then bookmarked it. I came back once before, by accident and now to leave you a comment. LOL! However, either way, it is a great hub and since I live in mass, not much new to me. :) Thank you for sharing tho. :)

    • Granny's House profile image

      Granny's House 7 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

      Wow! I am the first. Yipee. We love it there. Go every chance we get.Great hub. Love all the info. The pictures are cool too.Will rate up and bookmark