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Miniatur Wunderland, The Largest Railroad Miniature

Updated on April 2, 2012

To complete my interest with miniature. I presented this hub to all of you. Just remind you again about my passion with miniature. I had write three hub about miniature. I think this hub is still related with my last hub about miniature. Why I like miniature so much, because from the small shape it represent the big one. Using certain scale with a high level of complexity. Miniature is one of a masterpiece from talented person or talented people. As our interest in certain objects and in this case it made in small object and very detailed. Even it looks like an original object. High level of complexity in the manufacture of these miniature caused many people like, admire and even fascinated by the beauty of a miniature. they even give a big award. I personally do not blink while watching the beauty of a muniature. That's why a couples days ago I write my passion in miniature by writing in my hub. Only one reason to give my big appreciation something about miniature object.

Yesterday my friend told me about interesting place in Germany. There is a place we can see the wonderful miniature out there. He just give me a name and a little review inside this place. But I should give many thanks to him for this information. And my mind response quickly and I browse this information about this place by the internet as soon as possible.

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Miniatur Wunderland, you stole my heart

I know the best miniature in the world is Madurodam. This is also as a tourism place, it located in in Scheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands. We can see wonderful miniature in this place. But I am totally wrong. Because there is another place which have wonderful miniature also. It called Miniatur Wunderland. This place located in Hamburg, Germany. We can found the largest railroad miniature. I told to you that train miniature also have a place in my heart. And miniature wunderland stole my heart too. I will give you a review about this place.

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Miniature Wunderland review

Why I liked this place very much because the detail of the railroad miniature was amazing. It impressed me much. This came out directly from my mouth. This is the largest railroad miniature in the world. We can found hundred model of train in this place.

Created by two brothers Frederick and Gerrit Braun. Winderland miniatur was built since 2000. Using HO scale. With 11,840 square feet and fully computerized (controlled almost 40 computer). With total 800 trains, 4,000 automobiles, 165,000 tress and 250 individual lights, 200 camera control, using 5,6 miles of track (this is the record of miniature track), one train is 47,5 feet long, the number of mini people almost 200,000.

We can find the landmark of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, North America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Las Vegas, Rocky Mountains, and the Grand Canyon it can be found in the Highlights America section. All this beautiful miniature took 500,000 working hours. I think it need a big cost to operated all the miniature. And I got the information it need cost 8,7 million Euro in April 2007 with 4,000, 000 visitors. With 150 employees are working in this place. All the miniature also control using 170 computer controlled cars. We can also find the largest model of steam locomotive. It very rare model. I want to touch it directly.

Miniatur-Wunderland is divided into 7 main areas Harz area of 120 square meters,   Knuffingen 120 square meters, alps / austria 60 square meters, hamburg 200 square meters, america 100 square meters, Scandinavia 300 square meters, and switzerland. And the management said there is a development planned until the year 2014. With the addition of new areas, such as the airport and the Italy zone including the layout and other dioramas.

This place is made with great detail very well equipped with the latest technology. Also equipped with a computer system to manage all train operations and other elements. Starting from the train line settings, sound, signaling systems, train speed, crossing system, as well as lamps and lighting.

With the entrance tickets price of €10 for adults seemed very appropriate to enjoy the beauty of the biggest railroad miniature.

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Have you ever heard about this place? If you had visit this place, I invite you to share your experience in visit this Miniature Wunderland. I am glad to hear your opinion or you little story about this place. I hope this hub is useful for us as an formation and alternative for traveling place. Maybe you come to Miniature Wunderland when yo visit Germany. Thank you very much.

Please, check out the detaile of Miniatur Wonderland

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