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Mobile/Baldwin Alabama County's: Documentary

Updated on March 9, 2020
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Being a native of Mobile, Alabama, I find the current status of my life is to review who and what this geographic region is and its future.

Mobile Chamber Photo
Mobile Chamber Photo

Mobile/Baldwin/Monroe County Documentary

Just for thought; the Mobile Bay area was originally inhabited by the Mabila/Mobile Indians. Sadly, they no longer exist as a tribe, due to first Spanish, then French occupation in the early 1600's. the tribe was well extinct by 1660, except it is believed a few of them merged into other southeast tribes by the time of the Louisiana Purchase and when Mississippi /Alabama became a State. The Mabilians, living in small villages along the Alabama river and its tributaries, were easily overcome and chased off by the well armed regiments that first explored the region. Now they are simply folklore and considered un-vested as original owners. Its true that once, all of the United States was the sole property of the American Indians, But the southern states were occupied and explored by the Spanish and the French as far back as anyone can give creditable witness to. The French were primarily the trappers, and they were scattered north and south along the major waterways from Canada to the Northwestern and Northern parts extending down to New Orleans and they integrated with, supplying the Indians with trade goods . The Spanish were more the Conquerors, always the armed battalions, usually coming in from the south. But by the time that the British and the Americans began settling across the south, most of the Indians were having to fight for the right to even exist. In the case of the Mabilians however, they were a very small tribe with maybe a few hundred at most. Remember, in those times, modern bridges just didn't exist. Everyone lived and traveled by the waterways.

Those who controlled the rivers and ports basically were the most powerful. It is the same today. As the Mabilians who Mobile is named for; as they no longer exist, we are the keepers of the Bay. We are the vested owners and users of this land and its borders. We must preserve it. We must not let it become so commercialized and so stripped of its natural beauty and practical purpose of being the Port of Mobile. Its true that too much is too much. Limits must be set on development. Sometimes less is more, and the value becomes greater in maintaining quality over sheer quantity. I refer for a minute to the clean water test of civilization. If you pollute the waters with chemicals, and contamination, you will soon make everyone afraid to use it. Each year millions of gallons of waste water is accidentally lost into the river and into the bay. Tons of bilge water and ship waste and petroleum by-products leach into the water system. Yes, they have guidelines, and monitoring equipment, but you bet; "Yes, we have no bananas today", they will overlook and skew the numbers and hide the real story from us. Fish River, Dauphin, in fact every section of Mobile/Baldwin has had these sewage failures. Water and other utilities need to catch up to the already existing needs of our counties, much less new industry/port expansion:

Montgomery and State legislature will guild a golden calf and use us for its own making, while our resources are exploited and misused. Its time for true value to come back to the Mobile and Baldwin People, to its infra-structure, and to its heartthrob of self sufficiency. As one born in Mobile, I say We don't need to become extinct as the original owners did. We should not let the big dogs of the north exploit us for wealth. Remember the reason that we fought, that we persevered to see this land settled. - For our family, for our children's future, and for the good of all people who are part of this culture. We unfortunately see ourselves as a bottleneck to the State of Alabama, But I say differently, and I know you say it too; WE ARE ALABAMA! We will make it strong again, is my message to my senators and representatives. To my children and to my friends. The wildlife and the fish are important to me. Clean waterways are important to me! Safe Neighborhoods are important to me, My God and My Country are important to me, and not the least, my freedom to live and to speak and to work and to play is important to me! Long Live the Constitution, its rights, its amendments, and the Liberty it affords us to declare what is important to us!

The rivers did not have a toll when the French, the Spanish, and the Indians traveled across the Bay, and It should not have any toll for its passage today! So help me God! Any toll booth, camera and other equipment set up with a purpose to extort fees for the King(or Queen), should be resisted and abolished by the people who live here. And No elected leader should have the power to overcome and subvert the will of the People Of Alabama, whether north or south!

WE ALL SEE the hoarding of tax dollars and the massive highway projects in the central and interior counties of Alabama, and just as clearly we see (and feel) the lack of and the denial of infrastructure funding in South Alabama, especially in Baldwin and Mobile counties. I want to add Monroe County as well. These counties have a huge impact on Timber, Agriculture, Chemical Production, Aerospace, Steel, Tourism, and Port/ International trade revenue within our state. We deserve our fair share of Tax Revenue Funding for Economic and Transportation Development without having to bear burdens such as arbitrary tolls that the greedy minds of career politicians have invented. We need our Existing Alabama State Auditors Office fully manned and enabled to investigate and prevent waste of taxpayers money given in good faith to our elected leaders, governorship and legislature.

Respects to our elected leaders and those who have heard us and have changed their positions without harm or vindictiveness: respects to the honest and concerned business owners and land owners who care about more than just money, and more than net-profit.

To those who will join us and support a cause that is bigger than any one of us. Cheers and long life to those who make efforts to preserve our culture with NO TOLLS!

Original Name: Mabila Indians

-disclaimer: this is a regional/ cultural view/ posting, not meant to be inflammatory, or political in and of itself in any way.

© 2020 Oscar Jones


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