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Transport in Singapore (go around)

Updated on March 20, 2015

Ways to go around

There are many ways to go around Singapore. An Island with 276.5 sq miles size, it is quite easy to travel in and around the country, especially when public transport is supported by government.

Let us describe one by one from the common usage:


This could be the fastest way to travel around the country.

They have MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and LRT (Light Rail Transit).
MRT Lines are:

  • East-West Line (EW)
  • North-South Line (NS)
  • North-East Line (NE)
  • Circle Line (CC)
  • Downtown Line (DT), this is the latest one and has not completed all.

LRT Lines

  • Bukit Panjang LRT
  • Sengkang LRT
  • Punggol LRT

Singapore MRT and LRT Maps and Schedule

Tips to go and around with MRT:

  • if you only stay or travel for only 1-3 places, the suggestion is buy a one way ticket in the ticket machine on every mrt station. You can keep the ticket and refill for 6 times only.
  • if you stay along time in singapore, you can buy EZ-link from ticket counter in the stations or 7-eleven store with minimum $10 you will get $5 value. This EZ-link card can be used for MRT/LRT, Bus, Taxi (with EZ-link logo), and even can be used for shopping. Top up can be done with ticketing machine with minimum $10.
  • Whenever you want to travel with MRT/LRT, don't forget to look the MRT maps around the station, find your destination station and look for end stations. For example, you want to go to Ang mo Kio (NS16) from Orchard (NS22), a way to find which train to ride is to see where is the of ang mo kio train which is Jurong East (NS1), so look for train sign "to Jurong East".
  • Please mind to look the sign for disable, older people, woman with child seats inside the train.
  • Exit from the station could be confusing. In some stations, they have many exit, for example, exit A, exit B, exit C. Try to find station maps after you tap out your EZ-link. The map will show you in what exit you can go to.

MRT sign and Ticket machine

2. BUS

Singapore has 2 buses operator, which are SBS transit and SMRT transit, but both of them accept EZlink, so you don't have to worry for the difference between the two operators.
Bus in singapore not always go to around route, so you need to pay attention which route would take you to your destination shuttle.

Here are some tips for travelling with SBS transit and SMRT transit Singapore:

  • Check on the road map, the name of your destination road. Or the easiest way is go to By input your "from and to" destination, this website will help you find which bus and where the shuttle.
  • In every shuttle bus, don't forget to remember ID of the shuttle (number and name), and look for your bus number route on the wall of the shuttle.
  • If you are not using EZlink, then you need to know the fares you need to pay, the bus driver will not give change or exchange money, so you need to pay on exact amount or more. Check the fares based on how far you travel (on the shuttle wall).
  • Please come inside the bus from front door and alighting from exit door, and don't forget to tap your ezlink card every time you alight from the bus

Shuttle bus


Well, this is the most convenient and expensive way of transport in here. In case you got lost this would be the best way :). There are many taxi provider in Singapore, but not all of them can be paid using credit card or even EZlink. The most common taxi that receive EZlink is ComfortTaxi (yellow car).

Here are some tips to take TAXI in smart way ;) :

  • Take taxi in taxi stand (as pictured). Taxi stands are not always in the same place as bus stop, you can check or ask people around.
  • If you already have EZlink, it is easier to pay with it, find taxi who support EZlink payment Comfort taxi).
  • DO know your destination postcode, Taxi driver usually ask the postcode in order to take you to your destination!
  • You will find long queue Taxi in shopping mall link orchard. In order to get taxi, you can order by phone or by application (provided by the taxi provider). *extra charges applied
  • Number of passengers are limited in Singapore Taxi, they will refuse to take us if we exceed the limit. Usually only 4 adults allow in one car.
  • Beware of additional charges like ERP, Call order.

Have a safe trip :)

taxi stand
taxi stand

Singapore Maps

Get easy with Smartphone application

The easiest way to go around Singapore is using Smartphone application.

Singapore Maps Application can be downloaded in Android and iTunes.

It is powered by Street Directory :

Check how to operate the apps :

Singapore Maps Application How to..

Transport in Singapore

Which transportation in Singapore do you feel most comfortable in budget and effectiveness?

See results

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