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Most Beautiful Castles in the World

Updated on January 3, 2021
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Castles are always seen as magnificent structures where every wall has a story to tell. The enormous fortresses with their rich historical significance are always impressive. One cannot but praise the brilliant architectural ideas and designs which is unique in every historical monument. With beautiful landscapes surrounding them, castles are not only seen in movies. There are many castles in the world which can be visited and are no less beautiful than the ones seen in movies. Here is a list of the ten most captivating castles in the world.

Château de Chambord, France: Located in the Loire Valley, this chateau was built by King Francois I, which took 28 years to complete. This enormous castle is a wonderful display of French Renaissance architecture. The construction began in 1519 and was completed with 440 rooms, 283 fireplaces, and 84 staircases. It also contains a decorative moat and double helix staircase inspired by the Italian Polymath. This chateau is considered to be one of the finest castles to be built by a French monarch. It holds several events throughout the year so that the visitors can witness the marvelous renaissance history.

Pena Palace, Portugal: Designed by King Ferdinand II, this castle built on a hill was meant to be a summerhouse for the Portuguese royal family. This castle represents the impressive lifestyle of 19th century Romanticism in Portugal with a combination of Moorish, Gothic, and Renaissance details. The vibrant yellow and red color patterns with the clock tower make this castle one of the captivating citadels of the world. Visitors today journey up the hills and witness this colorful fortress.

Alcázar of Segovia, Spain: First home to the ancient Romans, this castle evolved through hundreds of years. The Moors, for the Almoravid dynasty, built a fortress here and they ruled this area of Spain till the 11th century. This castle is believed to be originally made of wood but was reconstructed with stone for many of its structures were destroyed. It has round guard towers, a deep moat, and drawbridge, and extravagantly decorated royal chambers.

Neuschwanstein, Germany: This fortress was erected in the late 1800s in the presence of King Ludwig II. This castle is considered to be the best of Bavarian architecture with a combination of many reflections such as the opera of Richard Wagner, romantic ideals of the middle ages, and the fantasy of a Disneyland castle. The surrounding landscape consisting of the snow-capped Alps and the Bavarian plains add to the beauty of this citadel.

Prague Castle, Czech Republic: This is one of the oldest castles in the world and is the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic. Constructed in the early ninth century, this castle is 570 meters long and approximately 130 meters wide. St Vitus Cathedral, ten gardens, the Old Royal Palace, and a lane of 16th-century cottages are some of the other landmarks inside the fortress. It is open for visitors during the day and evening but only for guided tours.

Predjama Castle, Slovenia: The astounding location of this castle makes it one of the most beautiful citadels. Present in a cave mouth beneath a natural rock, the surrounding location is what makes it so impressive! Constructed in the 13th century, this castle has a secret passage for the defenders to move when Predjama was attacked on numerous occasions. Every July, the Erasmus Knight’s Tournament is staged here.

Bodiam Castle, England: Located in East Sussex and erected in 1385, it is one of the impressive medieval castles with thick crenelated walls, supported by nine sturdy towers and a drawbridge across a wide moat. Many summer activities like archery sessions, guided tours, dressing in medieval costumes, and so on, are enjoyed by the visitors.

Bran Castle, Romania: This citadel was constructed between 1377 and 1388. People often see this castle’s history similar to Bram Stoker’s read ‘Dracula’ published in 1897. Vlad the Impaler ruled the area during the 15th century and was known for his brutal torture methods. This is where people see a similarity in Bram’s tale and the castle’s history.

Himeji Castle, Japan: This citadel is known as the epitome of a Japanese feudal castle. The graceful whitewashed structure, also a World Heritage Site, is also known as ‘White Heron Castle’. This is because it resembles a great bird taking flight. The fortress was erected in the 17th century and is located west of Osaka and Kobe at a distance of 30 minutes by bullet train.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland: Rested in an ancient volcanic outcrop, this castle holds a record of having been attacked several times, with 26 major attacks. Britain’s oldest crown jewels are safeguarded in this 1,100-year-old castle. History events, music concerts, weapon demonstrations, and many such events are organized in the fortress.

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