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Most Dangerous Cities to Travel and Live In

Updated on August 31, 2016

Dangerous Cities Best to Avoid

These are all extremely dangerous cities worldwide, and you will want to stay away from them. At least until something changes and the cities get cleaned up by those in charge.

They are amazing and beautiful countries, but the elevated risks involved should remove them from your agenda. Unless you have family living there, you're a news reporter, or a soldier on a mission, It would be best to avoid visiting any of these areas.

The crime rate is very high, especially since you will most likely be a lucrative target, as most foreigners are. Plus, out of town visitors are always easy to spot when in another country.

If you do try to blend in, it will be extremely difficult in most places, unless your some kind of secret agent. You should have other spots, on your to go list. If you absolutely must travel, at least find someone who can act as a guide and accompany you with their knowledge of the immediate areas.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Source

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil, being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, has a negative side to it. The constant crime that goes on day after day.

In most tourist areas you will be fine, since the 2008 PPU crime squad was put together to battle against gangs fighting for drug turf, the police have taken back control of most bigger cities.

But down in the dumps of the "Favelas" or shanty towns overflowing with poverty, you will be like a little mouse walking into the mouth of a tiger in the outskirts of the city. Police have less control than the gang leaders do in these areas. There is just too much going on to handle.

Corruption plays a big role as well, so much reward offered for a simple turn of the head to look the other way, they just can't refuse when struggling with low pay themselves.

Although it is said to be a safer place than it was in recent years, it is still a dangerous city if you make a wrong turn. This has been improved and the country has really cleaned things up and welcomed the 2016 Olympics which are going great by the way, so things are not what they seem in every part of town.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Tegucigalpa, Honduras | Source

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Honduras is considered the murder capitol of the world as a country. Visitors have recommended staying in your Luxury hotel at all times if you're there. Which is not very fun at all.

Criminals have been known to target the most obvious targets and avoid the rest. Those with shiny jewelry and watches. Purses being carried around and single travelers.

With some common sense it's one of the few spots you would avoid becoming a victim for the most part. But it's still a very dangerous place to be. Even the Peace Corps volunteers have off limit areas they wont dare enter. And, they are the Peace Corps.

It is common to see criminals apprehended shortly after kidnappings or other crimes which put police on a chase through the city streets. Automatic firearms and bulletproof vests are taken off of them in most cases. Many other safe cities without the crime would be better spots to visit than Honduras, but this one should be off your list, unless you're extremely cautious.

Juarez City, Mexico with mountains skyline in the background
Juarez City, Mexico with mountains skyline in the background | Source

Juarez City, Mexico

Located right on the U.S. border of the state of Texas. Juarez is known as the infamous murder capitol of the world. The war on drugs has everything to do with it, and those who are making money, will not give up the fight. The traffickers are ruthless and create terror and chaos in the streets.

Gang violence is on the rise daily, a weak and corrupted police force takes a big part of the blame, poverty levels like in most crime infested parts of the world are also a part of it. Violence has stretched over the border into parts of Texas, shopping centers and malls have seen the terror in the past.

They don't care who you are, get in the way of their billion dollar business and nobody can save you. Tourism has died in the area, and local businesses are moving as far away as they can to avoid trouble.

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo | Source

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

With gangs of kids with an average age of 8 years old attacking foreigners at night, how can you feel safe here?

Police corruption as they wrongfully detain tourists and even citizens. They demand money and valuables in exchange for letting there "hostages" free.

Common crimes on the streets in broad daylight include carjackings, armed robberies, and even organised crimes such as criminals luring victims into secluded areas using young girls in need of help as bait, then robbing and/or kidnapping the victims. All of which the poverty rate does no good for.

Street market view in Baghdad, Iraq
Street market view in Baghdad, Iraq | Source

Baghdad, Iraq

There is nowhere at this same moment in time that is experiencing more violence than Baghdad Iraq. Partially because of the wars that constantly go on but prior to the wars there was already much violence going on within the city.

Which is part of the reasoning behind the U.S troops being sent in at the time. The criminals and terrorists are not happy about it, but surely they embrace the violence. This city should be off limits to anyone , and for common folk like yourself and I, entry is not permitted unless you have solid proof and reason to be there.

Constant bombings throughout the day, shootings and kidnapping are only the tip of the iceberg. Some call it "hell on earth", it definitely sounds like it.


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