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6 Most Haunted Places in Singapore

Updated on April 3, 2018

1. Old Changi Hospital

Probably the most notoriously known haunted place in Singapore. It was built in 1935 by the British but later was used by the Japanese as prison and torture chamber. It's a wonder that the place has not yet being demolished. It has been cordoned off for a while now, but it doesn't deter thrill- and ghost-seekers to trespass the area.

Friends from another dimensions include black shadows, a lady, and touchy unseen hands. Visitors to the grounds report hearing disembodied screaming and seeing strange “shadow people” both day and night. Some claim to have seen the bloody apparitions of soldiers walking the halls, while others have reported the presence of a young boy who simply sits and stares.

In 2006, the site was put up for lease. A company purchased the property in hopes of converting the grounds into a luxury resort. Plans soon fell through, however. While the official story cites financial reasons due to financial crisis in 2008, there are some who suspect that the hospital’s spectral inhabitants were the actual cause. Now the place is left abandoned once again.


2. Changi Beach

Just around the corner from Old Changi Hospital, lie the serene Changi Beach. It is actually a beautiful place. You wouldn't feel any eerie feeling when you're there during the daylight. But once the sun sets, it's a different atmosphere altogether. Changi Beach was used as the site of the infamous Sook Ching massacre during WWII and many people say the souls of the innocent slain continue to roam the beach, weeping and wailing in the night. Passers-by also claim to have spotted bloodstains.


3. Bedok Reservoir

Not only the reservoir, but the whole area of Bedok town is considered haunted by the locals. But the epicenter of these paranormal activities is here, in the reservoir. There are so many scary stories that it's difficult just to choose one.

At some point of time, there was a string of suicides committed at Bedok Reservoir where 5 bodies were found within 5 months. Some joggers have since complained about hearing ghostly wailing at night, and an invisible force pulling them toward to waters while on their runs at the reservoir.

This worries the locals so much that the authorities installed four CCTV cameras at the reservoir, which is surrounded by a park. Patrols were also stepped up, and lamps were fully lit throughout the night and signboards with helpline information for the Samaritans Of Singapore were installed.


4. Novena MRT

MRT or Mass Rapid Transit is the local term for metro trains. Even though currently the MRT station is situated below two crowded shopping malls, it's surrounded by various hospital, a fact that invokes uncomfortable feelings towards the station. Rumour has it, the station used to be a Jewish cemetery.

Many staff of SMRT (the public transport operator ) have seen sightings of blurry figures carrying coffins along the tracks. The night duty maintenance staff in the tunnels have also had many experiences of ghostly figures standing next to them or observing them from afar. Numerous sightings of headless apparitions have also been reported at the underpass linking it to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) building.

Ghost sighting in another MRT station in Singapore, Marina Bay station.
Ghost sighting in another MRT station in Singapore, Marina Bay station.

5. Bukit Brown Cemetery

I mean, it's cemetery, right? The name itself will strike uneasiness to those who hear it. But wait until you hear the history of the place. Estimated to house 100,000 tombs in a vast landsize of about 0.86 square kilometers, its oldest tomb is from 1833. Evil laughter ringing in the darkness of the night, and a woman in a red cheongsam resting on a tombstone, seem to be the popular sighting reports.

Such wide area is valuable in the tiny Singapore so some parts of the cemetery has been repurposed into expressway and roads with further plans underway. Let's hope this does not mean we path the way for more friends from another dimension.

Bukit Brown Cemetery has been abandoned since its closure in 1973. Currently, however, history buffs and thrillseekers can make their own way through a trail of 25 tombs at Bukit Brown Cemetery, as the first self-guided trail of the area opens to the public. If you're interested in exploring the place, you can download a 115-page online booklet from the Singapore Heritage Society (SHS) website which details the story and history of each tombstone. You can also find in the booklet maps of walking trails and recommended routes to take.

6. East Coast Park

Granted, East Coast covers a big area of 185 hectares, and a scenic coastline that stretches over 15 km. Many people have claimed they saw a woman in white rising from the sea along the coast. There were also stories of a haunted underpass where supposedly an old woman and her grandson were killed nearby.

But perhaps the most infamous is the story of Amber Beacon Tower, or more colloquially known as the Yellow Tower. Years ago in the mid-1990, a couple was stabbed by two unknown men while they were chatting on the spiral steps of the tower. The guy survived, while the girl was found dead upon police arrival. The urban legend is that the girl was gang-raped before she passed away, but this is not true. The story is tragic nonetheless, especially when the perpetrators were never caught.

Most people claimed to have heard screams of help when they passes there in the middle of the night. A group of local paranormal investigators had made contact with the girl using powder to capture her footprints and an electromagnetic field meter to communicate with her. You can watch the video below:


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    • Eva Berlin profile imageAUTHOR

      Eva Berlin 

      23 months ago

      I only heard about headless figure in Bishan MRT :O

    • CYong74 profile image


      23 months ago from Singapore

      I remember the one about Novena MRT. It was a headless nun, wasn't it? I believe TNP covered the rumours once.


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