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Most Unusual Nightclub, Safe House in Milwaukee, WI. Best Place to Hangout.

Updated on May 18, 2013

Warning: the place is password protected!

If you’re on a super secret spy mission in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and you need to relax in a spy friendly environment, you have a place to go and feel safe.

If you are a professional spy, you know what it is. Yes, it is Safe House night club, bar and restaurant. Like any secret place, it hides behind a plaque for an importer/exporter business in a city side alley, but if you are a professional spy, you know how to find this place.

If you are a first time visitor you will be surprised when you enter the place. It does not look like a night club, or bar or restaurant lobby. It looks just like a regular office. The greeter will ask you for your ID and will run a fast "spy" check on you. Then you will be asked what do you need.

This place is password protected and it is time when you have to whisper the password into an ear of a person on guard. If you are just a guest and it is your first time in this unusual place, then most likely you don’t know a password.

Nah, I am not going to reveal it to you (at least not now yet... maybe later....look for a hint on the bottom-bottom).

But if not... You'll have to make an effort to make your entry into the Safe House. The guard will tell you what to do! Gather your sense of humor and have fun. It is worth it! Later, when you are inside, you'll have a total blast watching on the monitor how first-time visitors "earn" their way in.

After a person on guard presses the special nob, a usual bookcase will turn and let you into the most unusual night club, bar, restaurant you've ever been.

A marker779 N Front St Milwaukee, WI 53202 -
779 N Front St, Milwaukee, WI 53202, USA
get directions

I am not revealing anything! I am the best secret spy after all! Go and find everything for yourself!

Be ready to get stuck and wonder.

Once you are inside, open your eyes wide and explore the place.

I know- you came there to eat, to have a couple of drinks, but…..

This place is much more than just your regular eatery.

If you want just to satisfy your stomach, go to McDonalds.

Safe House in Milwaukee is a special place, full of fun and surprises.

Everything inside is designed and decorated in ever alive James Bond style.

Little cages, stair labyrinths, fake doors and surprise doors….. Rooms and passages that will make your head spin. Displays, pictures, spy's personal belongings.....

Be ready to get stuck and wonder.

It hides behind a plaque for an importer/exporter business in a city side alley.

Some details revealed

779 N Front St
Milwaukee, WI 53202

(414) 271-2007

Price Range: $$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Parking: Street

Attire: Casual

Good for Groups: Yes

Good for Kids: Yes

Takes Reservations: Yes

Delivery: No

Take-out: No

Waiter Service: Yes

Wheelchair Accessible: No

Outdoor Seating: No

Good For: Dinner, Late Night

Music: DJ

Best Nights: Thu, Fri, Sat

Happy Hour: Yes

Alcohol: Full Bar

Smoking: No

Coat Check: Yes

Hail to the Chief
Hail to the Chief

This place is not just about the food and drinks

This place is not just about the food and drinks, though it is real fun to have supper there.

Many cocktails come in a keepsake glass that you take with you for great souvenirs, so check the menu for them.

Do you want a real martini that is classically shaken (not stirred)? Then order it and it will be sent to you flying around the building through a special tube.

If you came there for some occasion, like somebody’s birthday, grab an opportunity to play a great joke on a Birthday baby.

Secretly order “Hail to the Chief” surprise.

Don’t miss an opportunity to go to a bathroom there.

Good luck finding one and if you find it, don’t be surprised to see a brick wall behind the bathroom door.

Well…there is one secret brick that you have to kick to make the wall slide.

Kick, kick. Don’t think, just keep kicking…

Didn’t work? Well, at least you are pretty! Go look for another door.

Ready to go out? This place won’t make it too easy for you.

I’ll give you a hint- find an old phone booth and grab a quarter. Just follow the instructions. Lots of fun guaranteed!

Bring your whole family there, young and old! You'll have a perfect family fun time!

You'll find corners of Russian espionage (even with a portraits of the founder of ill-famous KGB Felix Dzerzhinsky). Or many American based spy themes.

I don't know any single person who didn't enjoy the experience of visiting the Safe House, the most unusual night club, bar and restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

My little reward to you for getting down here:

"I am looking for a safe house"

This is the password you have to whisper into a greeter's ear.

Pssss, don't tell that I told you, or I'll be in trouble and will have to change my identity.... OK, you've never seen me, I've never seen you!


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