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Mount Olympus Water & Amusement Park Resort in Wisconsin Dells WI Review

Updated on May 1, 2012

While I've been to Wisconsin Dells probably somewhere around eighty times over my lifetime, I've only stayed at Mount Olympus Resort once. I do not ever plan on staying there again, unless some how, some way, my children are able to change my mind.

I'm not going to say it wasn't fun, it was, but only because I was spending time with my family. I just was not impressed with it, AT ALL.

Maybe I'm spoiled by staying at The Wilderness Resort so many times that I hadn't really given Mount Olympus a fair shot, maybe not.

Regardless, here is my personal review.

The Theme Park

I have to admit, this is what drew me into giving Mount Olympus Resort a try. My daughter wanted to go on the big coasters with me. Her first time ever! I loved experiencing that with her in the Dells, the place I've been going since I was her age.

My husband does not love, nor even like, rollercoasters, so I couldn't wait for her to be big enough to at least try them with me and, lucky me, I have a coaster buddy now!

They have indoor go karts, bumper cars, a teacup ride, an indoor rollercoaster. Outdoors they have a few much larger coasters and various other theme park rides.

I must admit, this was worth it. While I would not stay at Mount Olympus Resort again, I will purchase theme park tickets, if for nothing else, than to ride the coasters with my daughter and make that a part of her childhood family memories.

The Waterpark

This waterpark barely deserves to be called a waterpark. The indoor one that is. I have never experienced the outdoor waterpark here as it was still too cold for it to be open. The outdoor park looks like it could have some decent slides, etc, but again, I've not experienced them.

The indoor park is overly noisy, crowded, and very, VERY small. There is one indoor waterpark at Mount Olympus. If you've read my review on The Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells, you'll read that the one thing that I really enjoy about staying there, is that they have many waterparks spread out throughout the resort. You don't have hundreds of people stepping on each other in one small area.

Again, my opinion is most likely based upon the immense indoor and outdoor waterparks at the Wilderness Resort. I'm so used to the Wilderness that I think anywhere else will end up being inferior in my eyes.

The Accommodations

They're ok. I can't really show much excitement about them. It's a room, it has two beds. The room we reserved had two beds and a cute wooden bunkbed for the kids. The kids enjoyed that. They did a half-ass job at theming the room, really cheaply done, in my opinion. It was clean. That's about the best I can say about it.

After we checked out, my husband realized that he had forgotten his cellphone in the room. He went to the front desk to see if he could get back into the room to search for it. Housekeeping happened to be already cleaning the room and said they had not found a phone.

Meanwhile, out in the car, I was calling his phone repeatedly so he'd hear it ringing and find it easier.

As he walked out of the hotel room and past the housekeeping cart, he heard a muffled sound similar to his ringtone. Under a stack of neatly folded towels, was his phone. The one that housekeeping said they didn't find in the room.

He went up to the front desk, explained what had occurred, and the housekeeper was fired on the spot.

While the dishonest housekeeper being fired was exactly what should have happened, having the entire situation even occur in the first place, leaves a very bad impression for a first visit.

So all in all, I will be visiting the Mount Olympus Theme Park with my family again. We'll just be staying down the road at The Wilderness Resort instead.


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    • JenwithMisty profile image

      Jen withFlash 

      6 years ago

      My son was the very first kid ever in the ball pit in the indoor theme park.. LOL! Anyways, my review of this place would be the same as yours but for some reason, my family still likes going here once in awhile.


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