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Move To Where You Thrive

Updated on February 24, 2015

Have you ever wondered if you should move away and start all over?

There are so many beautiful places in this country, and in the world. The majority of people want to settle down and have a family. Even self-proclaimed bachelors want a place to call their own. After college, you begin to see where everyone’s life is going and where they are settling down. I have found that the vast majority stays where they were raised. It is important to settle down where you belong. So many people never venture out and discover what is out there. There is a special place for everyone. With hundreds of “Best Places To Live” lists, not one place is right for everyone. Some people like the city life, while others prefer the small town feel. Others do well in the cold, while some prefer warm climates all year round. There is a place out there for everyone. If you never travel and search around, you may miss out.

I grew up in Boston. I hated the cold winters, and not having four seasons. I felt everyone up north had a rude attitude and just weren’t the kind of people that enlightened my mood. The scenery also wasn’t very appealing to me. It is odd that I am so used to cold weather yet I cannot tolerate it. A lot of people from Boston love it there, but it just wasn’t for me. I sometimes wondered if they loved it because they never traveled anywhere else. I love hot weather and scenery. If you love the snow and mountains, why not take trips out to Colorado or other states with that kind of surroundings. Find what fits you and your family. Do you love the beach? Visit Florida, it has amazing beaches. There are many statistics that show safety ratings for cities if that is what concerns you. Were you happy your parents raised you were they did? I always wanted to be somewhere else.

Regardless of what weather you enjoy, if you never travel and discover new places you may never be where you want to be. Nearly everyone I know, stays where they have always lived. The things in a city that are important to me may not matter to other people. Being close to family may be a deal breaker for moving away for some. Being in a military family, I am lucky to be able to travel. I want to have the best possible place for my children to grow up. We are planning on settling down in the Phoenix area after my husband leaves the army. I am a big shopper, love hiking and beautiful views. It is perfect for my family and I. Are you where you want to be? Are you planning to move away after retiring? Why wait? If you are happy with where you are and have traveled, that is great. If you never know what is out there, you miss out on the full experience. Discover what there is out there.

Every Place is Different For Everyone

I am someone who traveled a lot my whole life, and always wanted to be somewhere else than I was living. I felt stuck being in the cold weather, where it depressed me. Now I started a life in Phoenix, AZ and I love it. Many people wouldn't want to be where I am but I love it. I find that it depends on what you like and what you need in life, and also the price and quality of living is different everywhere. I believe it is important to look and research before you just decide to stay where you grew up unless family close by is very important to you. This country is very big and there are many opportunities!


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