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Moving To America From The UK Immigration laws and Qualifying Standards

Updated on March 9, 2009

For most people, there are pretty much 2 options, get an H1B visa or get married to a US citizen. For a UK citizen things a little less complex because you can actually visit the USA for 90 days without getting pre-approval from immigration.

So you can travel to the USA , mingle with the natives, talk to an attorney or two and get a clearer picture of what you really can or cannot do, of course if you happen to fall madly in love in that time period, all the better for you.

The H1B visa used to be something of a 'slam dunk' method of moving to the USA a few years ago, but with the job situation being what it is right now, I imagine it may not be so easy to get an employer to sponsor you.

I guess I should step back and define the H1B here..

The H1B visa is a visa that allows employers who cannot find qualified US residents for a particular position, to go abroad and hire someone, provided they can show they made a reasonable effort to try to fill the position locally, AND they pay the foreigner at the same rate as they would pay a US resident. The Visa is for an initial 2 years, and is renewable for up to 6 years

In the past, most of these jobs were in technology related fields, so if that is where you presently are, then you already have an advantage.

With the economy being what it is now, I imagine you would need to have pretty special skills for an employer to want to go to such lengths for you, but hey it's worth a try.

Remember, I am not a lawyer, talk to a qualified immigration attorney before you make any immigration related decisions. Take my advice entirely at your own risk


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    • profile image

      m jackson 4 years ago

      please is there any american girls in usa that want to take me away from this embarrassing country the uk stinks. im btitish born but my hearts 100 per cent USA USA USA one more thing GO NEW ENGLAND PATROITS......HELL YEAH

    • profile image

      m jackson 4 years ago

      i live in crappy uk and want to live in BEAUTIFUL usa im not at college im 29 iv wanted to live in usa for about 16 years i get a little money not much i really need help where do i start. i need to meet an american girl ha ha

    • profile image

      sam :) 4 years ago

      hey, i live in uk but my girlfriend lives in america, is it possible to go over get married and stay there with her? i'm 19 and she is 18.. she is gorgeous.

      help will be greatly appreciated :)

      Sam G

    • profile image

      Dave 5 years ago

      I found this site to be really good

    • profile image

      Cassie 5 years ago

      I have a friend that would like to move to America from Scotland, what are the things she would have to do to get here and what might she have to do once she has arrived?

    • profile image

      Laura 7 years ago


      My boyfriend and I would like to move to America. My boyfriend's brother is an American citizen and he lives in NY. Could this make some difference on the visa application for my boyfriend.

      Many thanks


    • profile image 7 years ago

      Where do most Brits move when they go to America? I want to move there and look at colleges, but at the same time, I want to be around others who moved from England,and can help me out if I need it.

    • profile image

      M.Khan 7 years ago

      I'm 19 & thinking of moving to America, If I wanted to live there, how do I get on doing that?

    • profile image

      corbyco 7 years ago

      If you really want to move to America then I would advise you read our blog first. We are a family of 4 and a dog and so it will be helpful to read of our experience.

    • profile image

      sg cordell 7 years ago

      I am 16 years old and look to move to America to persue my career choice in 5 years time, after 2 years of college and 3 of university. Your article really helped me to cleary see the options I have.


    • profile image

      kolieor 7 years ago

      ?? ??? ?? ?????

    • profile image

      chelsea fc 8 years ago

      very helpful no one plays country here i wanna b a rednek!x