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Moving to Michigan For Good? Choose Downriver

Updated on March 25, 2016
Metro Detroit skyline.
Metro Detroit skyline. | Source


To relocate is definitely not an easy decision. It connotes coming to another place where you have to start over again. Basically, you need to adjust yourself to the new environment and build strong relationships to survive.

And, the adjustment period takes between 5 to 6 months. So that means you have to endure this challenge during that period and do everything it takes to be able to fit yourself well in the community.

On the other hand, you also need to consider how to transfer and organize all your belongings fast and safe. And this process can be so tedious because you need to personally check all your stuff for transfer. You can’t just rely on your moving company fully.

Most of all, aside from securing your possessions, you have to think about where to move in the area. Where exactly are you going to reside for the rest of your life? If you decide to move in Michigan, the Downriver area might appeal to you the most. Here’s why.

1. It is a gathering of 15 cities and 3 towns.

Downriver per se does not pertain to a city or a town in the State of Michigan. Rather, it is a name used to refer to the grouping of the state’s total 18 local jurisdictions. And so, that means, you will become part of a large and diverse society.

With the many places you can choose from, you will definitely find one that fits your preferences best. This gathering also connotes that camaraderie is strong in those cities and towns, which can be beneficial to everyone’s ease of living.

Allen Park
Brownstown (Town)
Huron Charter (Town)
Flat Rock
Grosse Ile (Town)
Lincoln Park
River Rouge

2. It is multicultural grouping.

Well, unlike the other parts of America, the people in Downriver is diverse, coming from different ethnic backgrounds. Going around, you can meet Germans, Polish, Asians, Irish, Italians, Hungarians, and more. And so, if you come from any of these nationalities, then adapting to the lifestyle of the place will be easier. You can talk to them and ask for advice.

You will also feel confident and secure that there is no discrimination because you belong to a multicultural society. You can still freely practice your own beliefs, cultures and traditions without any fear of public persecution or negative repercussion from other groups.

Happy people.
Happy people. | Source

3. It has a big population.

Based on the latest census, the total population reached to 361,454. With this great number, meeting new friends is a breeze. In your own community, you can easily build relationships. Wherever you go, there are always people you can start a conversation with and consider a friend.

Probably after 2 weeks, you will be surprised to see how productive your social network has become. You need these people in your life especially because you are new to the place. With them on your side, you never have to worry where to ask help in case of emergency and other situations.

A gathering of people.
A gathering of people. | Source

4. It has the 7 safest cities to live.

Safety, of course, should be one of your priorities before moving, most especially if you are relocating with your wife and kids. You don’t want to be in a place where gangs and all sorts of bad teenage trends are happening. Instead, you want to be an area where your kids can learn so many things for their overall positive growth, whether socially, mentally, physically and emotionally.

You want to be in a city where you and your family can stroll around without having to worry about any bad occurrences that might happen. You want to sleep in your new house with complete peace of mind that there are no thieves or robbers around. In Downriver, you have the following safest cities to choose from:

  • Grosse Ile
  • Trenton
  • Wyandotte
  • Allen Park
  • Riverview
  • Woodhaven
  • Huron Charter Township

People mingling.
People mingling. | Source

5. It has lots of job opportunities.

Of course, your job or career path is extremely important to consider when you transfer. You need to work and earn a living to survive. There are many bills you have to pay every month including water, electric, and house rent. You also need to think of your food and other basic expenses every day. And if you have a family of your own, then you need to consider if you can fully support their needs when you relocate.

Fortunately, Downriver is everyone’s dream due to its rising and competent job opportunities. You will never run out of work. There are regular job postings every week. And if you are looking for career growth, many companies are looking for someone like you. You can send applications using the Downriver’s website or submit personally through job affairs and events. Unemployment rate in Downriver is low compared to other cities in the US.

People at work.
People at work. | Source

6. It has an abundant food source.

Most of the people in Downriver love to spend some time to relax and enjoy by boating while being served with the freshest and delicious foods as well as the most refreshing drinks.

So these means you have lots of options when it comes to restaurants and other food establishments. Now, since the demand for food is high, there is also a growing sustainable food source. So you never have to worry about where to find food for yourself or your family.

A store selling fresh produce.
A store selling fresh produce. | Source

7. It has a booming real estate market.

Because of the ever-growing population in Downriver, there is also a need for more residential properties. Around the cities and towns, you will see high rise or low-rise condominiums, apartments and flats for rent, townhouses for sale, and more. There are also many commercials spaces for rent for businesses.

Because of the many real estate developers competing the in real estate sector, you can find many residential units offered at a much affordable cost compared to other states in the US. And most of them are fully-furnished and ready for occupancy, and are situated in vibrant and productive communities.

Real estate property.
Real estate property. | Source

8. It is a home to many home improvement professionals.

Well, along with the presence of a booming real estate industry, there is also a growing community of professionals who are experts in improving your home. Of course, before you move, you need to prepare your new house.

Necessary repairs have to made beforehand. If you need to repair the windows, the roofing, the faucet, or the floor, then do it. If you need to beautify and improve the edges or sidings, you have to get a siding company in Downriver, Michigan.

You might also need to enhance the focal point of the house like the entrance door or perhaps you like to redesign the front yard’s landscape. Whatever your home improvement needs are, you will surely find an expert to help you out.

A business professional.
A business professional. | Source


Overall, Downriver is one of the best areas to live in Michigan. It has everything you need for a smooth transfer, and most of all, for a safe and productive new life. Go to Downriver now!

The Downriver Grouping or Metro Detroit

Of the 8 reasons above, which is most appealing to you?

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    • Evane profile image

      Eva 21 months ago from Philippines

      @ grand old lady Hi there! Yeah. You should try to visit America soon :)

    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 22 months ago from Philippines

      This place sounds like quite a discovery. If I were American, I would seriously consider this wonderful place that you have described so well, including practical matters like multiculturalism, jobs, and real estate. Wonderful article:)