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Munnar - South India's Own Heaven

Updated on October 21, 2020
Busy at work!
Busy at work!

A Great Honeymoon Spot Down South Asia!

Munnar is underhyped. You have to be there to understand and appreciate the beauty of it all. Greenery all around, the cold weather -- makes Munnar the aptest Honeymoon spot in Southern India! It's also very affordable, so if you're tight on cash you might as well decide to travel to Munnar as opposed to other hill stations.

I was there recently and I was blown over by the climate, tea plantations, and lifestyle. This page is all about Munnar and anything and everything you need to know about Munnar. You will also be redirected to some useful links so that you can get more info on how to get there, and how much you will have to spend if you are planning on a holiday.

One thing I would like to say is that Munnar is definitely a romantic place! Maybe it's the cold weather and all the greenery around -- but I simply loved the atmosphere. You have to take care not to visit Munnar (which is in Southern India -- Kerala) during the months of July - September because it gets really rainy and you won't be able to explore the outside as much as you would like.

P.S: All pictures on this page are taken from my camera. Please do not use them without my permission.

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Greenery All Around !

If you are from a highly polluted city (which is where I am from), then you will truly appreciate the beauty and pure air of Munnar. The trip was rejuvenating in itself. Breathing the fresh air made me feel like I was truly in heaven! When you think it can't get any greener than this, you find another spot that's just more beautiful!

The climate is cold but not uncomfortable enough to make you lazy and sit inside your apartment! So I guess it's suitable for those couples who want to get to a romantic spot that isn't too chilly!

On the roads!
On the roads!

Eat Spicy, Fresh and Yummylicious Corn on The Cob!

I find pleasure in doing simple things in life.

One of the things I enjoyed the most was walking on the roads of Munnar eating spicy corn on the cob! Yum! You wouldn't want to miss out on that either. If you ever get hungry on the way, try these crunchy snacks instead!

You can find people selling carrots and corn cobs everywhere.

Waterfalls, Waterfalls, Everywhere!

You will see little streams of water flowing through the rocks at frequent points in Munnar. I went totally crazy about seeing them! They looked heavenly and the whole backdrop was serene. Some of these waterfalls at Munnar were heavy, whereas most of them were little slow streams of water. If you are interested in photography, you will be glad about the scenery Munnar provides!

A Stream of Water
A Stream of Water

Flower Shows!

You might see some flower shows depending on the time of the year. Usually, you will also see some photographers with a digicam lurking around willing to take a couple of photos for you for a price. You can let them handle your photo sessions while you enjoy the scenery!

There is a wide range of flowers and plants which you will be able to see at Munnar. Different colored varieties which look totally stunning. I took these photos of some gorgeous hydrangia. I am not totally into plants, but I did really enjoy the view!

Echo Point
Echo Point

Echo Point

The Echo Point at Munnar is interesting - mainly because it lives up to its name. You say anything loud and you hear your voice echo right back at you! It is a visually appealing place too.

You can go on a speed boat ride near to Echo Point. The speed boat ride was the most enjoyable experience. These guys ride the boat really fast and you wonder if you will end up drowning (it's safe! not to worry!). Lifejackets are given beforehand and you get an adrenaline rush when the experts drive you through the Munnar rivers in a totally crazy ride! Recommended if you like excitement!

Massages, Home Made Chocolates and Beverages

I ended up having an ayurvedic massage. It was totally relaxing. Came around 900 Indian rupees (you will have to do the conversion yourselves ;))!

Homemade chocolates were purchased too. They are available all around Munnar. Munnar isn't really famous for its eatables. If you are planning on taking something back home - different types of tea, and chocolates - are available. You can walk around to see some handicrafts at selected places but these items are not available in plenty so you will have to search a lot for them!

Last But Not The Least - Tea Plantations!

What is Munnar without tea plantations? They are everywhere! Munnar is famous for its great quality tea and you get different varieties. There's even a tea museum you can visit. The museum shows old as well as new machinery which is used for making tea powder from leaves.

What You Have To Keep In Mind

  • Do not visit Munnar during the months of July to September. It gets really rainy plus you cannot enter tea plantations because of blood-sucking leeches.
  • Carry enough woolen clothes with you. It's not as chilly as some hill stations, but never take the climate for granted.
  • It gets really foggy by evening so you will have to finish all sightseeing by 6 PM.
  • Drink water even if you are not thirsty. Your skin tends to get dry faster because of the cool climate.

Why Munnar is a Must Visit


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