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Mutianyu Great Wall of China - Cable Car & Slideway / Toboggan Ride

Updated on March 22, 2009

an added attraction at the Mutianyu Great Wall near Beijing

The Mutianyu Great Wall of China near Beijing is an incredible attraction in and of itself, from the long section of restored Wall to the unrestored sections on either side that can be visited as long as the guards aren't watching, but there is more there than just the Great Wall. There is a cable car ride that you can take to get up on the Wall, which is great for those that might not be as physically fit as some, or for those who would rather save their energy for climbing once up on the Wall. The cable car ride is a fairly standard cable car ride with great views of the Wall, the mountains, and the village of Mutianyu below. After you get off of the cable car, it's easy to reach the Wall for further exploration.

Once you have had your fill of the fantastic views available from the Great Wall at Mutianyu, you can either walk back down the stairs, or take the toboggan (or coaster or slideway,not quite sure what to call it) ride back down. That can be a fun way to get back down to the base of the mountain, and avoid that "noodle legs" feeling that you can get when walking back down the stairs after too much hill and wall climbing.

The photos and videos are not great, but they can give you an idea of what it's like and what your options are on this Great Wall tour. Personally I would recommend the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall over Juyongguan or Badaling, the two closest sections of the Great Wall near Beijing, on any Beijing tour, because it is much less crowded than the other two sections. Regardless of which section you visit though, the Great Wall of China is well-worth the trouble and expense of getting there!

a fun way of getting up and back down from the Mutianyu Great Wall

The track for the toboggan ride at one point is just about as high off of the ground as the cable car....
The track for the toboggan ride at one point is just about as high off of the ground as the cable car....
The home stretch towards the finish.
The home stretch towards the finish.

starts out slow.....

one starts out fast, the other, not so much....


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