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My Adventures Touring Europe in 1982 (3) North Germany

Updated on June 5, 2020

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North Germany

Saturday, June 26

When we reached the German border, the bus stopped, and Johannes stood up and said, “Any of you with drugs, please get rid of them now, because they won’t hold just you; they’ll hold all of us.”

Of course I had nothing on me, but when the bus doors immediately opened and the German guards came on, I cringed. If anyone had been carrying, they wouldn’t have had time to get rid of it!

The guards had attitudes like robots. They simply did their jobs, with no attempts to be stern or friendly. They checked all our passports, then randomly selected three of us to open our luggage. Apparently no one was carrying, because we were soon waved through.

We drove through pasturelands of the same intense green we had seen in Holland. It was all farmland with lots of cows, and brick houses scattered throughout. Eventually we arrived at a modern motel, and we got off the bus to check in for the night. I wound up in a single room; it was charming, with fruit and juice on the dresser and crisp clean sheets beneath a featherbed quilt. I immediately ate the fruit and drank the juice, then met the group for dinner.

Afterwards, the others went to their rooms, but since it was still light, I wanted to do a little exploring. So I took a stroll down the country lane right outside the motel. Everyone who drove by waved at me, and I waved back. I came up to a quaint medieval house, and a car pulled out of the driveway; it contained a man with his son. They pulled over, and we talked awhile. They told me they were from Lebanon, and the father asked me for a date! I felt really flattered, but didn’t think it was safe to get in a car with strangers, especially in a foreign country, so I declined.

The next morning, while we tourists enjoyed our rolls and coffee, Johannas informed us that if we ate the fruit and drank the juice in our rooms, we were to leave money on the desks. So when I returned to pack my things, I left some German marks. We loaded up the bus, and headed off to Denmark.

Motel where we stayed
Motel where we stayed
Motel where we stayed
Motel where we stayed
Country lane
Country lane
German Farmhouse
German Farmhouse
Farm / Ranch
Farm / Ranch
Queen Anne's Lace
Queen Anne's Lace

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© 2013 Yoleen Lucas


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