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My Island Winter Escape

Updated on January 6, 2013

Looking To the East

Most days the beach is empty.
Most days the beach is empty.

It Felt Like Coming Home

I have returned for another winter on Kiawah Island. It was drizzling and 54 degrees when I arrived. It took only an hour for my first mishap. I locked myself out of the condo. Those of you who know me are rolling your eyes and laughing. Don't feel bad. I have learned to laugh at myself.

Once I finally got unpacked the place looked normal again. No boxes or bags to trip over. Everything in its place. It's just easier that way. No fuss, no muss.

Today I went to Rockville for church. I knew I was home then. I was greeted by many friends made last year while I was here. It was a good homecoming. I am now booked for Bible study and dinner at the Ohlandt's tomorrow night. There is more, women's Bible study Tues. morning at 10 am with lunch to follow at Linda Fastig's. Aside from seeing old friends and doing a bit of catch up, I got to meet some new ones. Bernadette Cali is an artist in residence on Wadmalaw Island. I love her art. She has captured the area well.

I look forward to daily walks on the beach. Thanks to my daughter, I am doing more dance/walking as I have an Ipod to listen to. Scary part is I sing along too. Good thing I have the beach to myself. Not likely to scare anyone off.

The island is a nature preserve, too. So stray wildlife is not uncommon. I've not seen deer yet, but know they are here. I've heard there are bobcats that prowl at night. I have yet to see one. I also know there are crocodiles on the island. That does not allow for the hundreds of species of birds, I see daily. Sea gulls, terns, and pelicans in the beach area. Cranes, swans, and herons are some of the others I've seen.

There are also the no longer with us that was up on the shore. I see horseshoe crab shells, jelly fish (none so far), and other various sea life. Not seen a star fish or sand dollar yet, but I keep looking. There is also a lot of drift wood. The beach is free of paper and debris for the most part. People are good at taking care of their litter. Receptacles are placed strategically along the beach so picking up is not a problem. Some days the tide is out farther than other days. When the tide is in it is much easier to hear the waves crash on the shore. I for one love the sound of the surf. It has a calming effect on my spirit, even when it is pounding and not calm. Sometimes I turn off the TV or music just to listen to the sound of the waves.

I will be finishing final edits on Crossing the Line. Looking I hope for an end of February release. I will be working on Sanctuary in the hopes of getting it finished. Not edited but at least written. The launch of Lilac Publishing will be another hub at a later date. It is coming along nicely.

Winter is looking good.


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    • Duchessoflilac1 profile image

      Rebecka Vigus 5 years ago from Johns Island, SC

      Thank you, I plan on it.

    • point2make profile image

      point2make 5 years ago

      Wintering is South Carolina with the beaches, the sun and and the peace and solitude, with everyone gone to Florida, would be a great choice. Enjoy your winter.