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My Singapore Experience

Updated on May 19, 2013


A small island in Southeast asia between Malaysia and Idoneisia, during my visit to Singapore as a backpacker, I experienced 5 days of awesomeness! Singapore is a beautiful breathtaking relaxing and awesome country! so great! I have to share it with you on HubPages!

If you have plans to visit Southeast Asia visit Singapore! whether your a backpacker holiday maker or a family wanting to go on holiday choose Singapore for it's beautiful sky scrapers and great infrastructure, it's cleanliness and peacefulness great night life it's beauty and tranquility, and of Singaporeans kindness welcome and hospotality!

I stayed at Mitra Inn for $15(SGD) a night.there are many hostels that offer cheap accomadation, B&B guest houses and so much more!

Little India

Indian culture Indian cuisine, it's all here in a tiny island in Southeast Asia! Little India is situated north of the City, a colourful welcoming place for tourist.

From time to time there are Indian festivals celebrated here giving you a taste of India!

Festivals such as the Deepavali, the Hindu festival of light, the festival of Thimithi where many male devotees will walk across a platform of burning coal. The actual fire walking takes place at the Sri Mariammam temple in Chinatown, the procession starts at the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple in Serangoon Road and makes its way to Chinatown early in the morning where the fire walking starts!

At the festival of Thaipusam Male devotees attach ornate shrines to their flesh with piercing hooks known as kavadi and walk across town in a day-long procession. Female devotees would usually just carry a pot of milk on their head and join the procession. The procession starts from Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple in Serangoon Road and proceeds to the Sri Thandayuthapani Temple at Tank Road.

Here are a list of places to stay:-



  • G4 Station Backpackers Hostel,
  • Footprints Hostel,
  • The Inn Crowd,
  • Prince of Wales,


  • Aspinals Hotel,
  • Claremont Hotel,
  • Penta Hotel
  • Shing Hotel,
  • Tekka Boarding Service,


Have a taste of China in Chinatown Singpapore, I went during the Chinese new year, and it was awesome seeing a parade across the street and a big market with special offers! bought 10 shirts! and of course one of my favourite, Chinese food everywhere!

Other places of interest around Chinatown include mosques, temples, markets and parks etc. During the festive occasions it would be worthwhile to visit the religious centers, as they become the center of attraction.

Marina Bay

You have to come here! Beautiful buildings the Mare Lion and the Marina Bay Hotel and Resort! Visit the Esplanade Theatres Singapore's equivalent of Sydney's Opera House, except that the two-lobed spiky Singaporean version.

Backpacker hostel in Chinatown
Backpacker hostel in Chinatown
Marlion Sentosa
Marlion Sentosa

Sentosa is an island just off the southern coast of Singapore.

Take a ride on the Sentosa Express take a break at the resorts and visit temples!

Universal Studios

Universal Studios in Singapore is a great attraction for all! So many rides so many entertainment, Holywood right in your eyes! and a must go during your trip to Singapore!

With 24 attractions, 18 of them new or adapted for Singapore, you will be able to try out many of the blockbuster theme park rides. The theme park has a collection of the many world firsts: the world’s biggest single collection of DreamWorks Animation attractions; the world’s first Far Far Away Castle from the world of Shrek; the world’s first Madagascar theme park ride; the world’s tallest dueling roller coaster Battlestar Galactica, the world’s first Sci-Fi zone, and much more!

(Ticket costs when I went were around $66 for adults $48 for children)

Singapore zoo

Singapore Zoo is beautiful awesome wildlife from flamigoes giraffes to lions and the beautiful cute white tigers! take a ride on elephants and enjoy a show with the sea lion! So much fun! and so much to see!

(Here are the ticket prices on their website for Singapore Zoo)

Other places I went on my trip was the beautiful Clarke Quay a site full of well known designer stores beautiful buildings and sculptures! Great for a night out with so many pubs clubs and bars!

I enjoyed walking at nights in Singapore arrived at a guest house I was staying at near Marina Bay at around 2am! I felt safe and secure (not that it is 100% safe), just the feeling that nobody is going to kidnap or mug me for example. The laws in Singapore are really tight that's why it's known as a very "fine" city! As long as you behave and use common sense you'll be safe! It's there for the benefit of it's people and for us too!

Singapore has so many more attractions and would love to come back again and see them! like the Singapore Night Safari for example ( stay more in Sentosa visiting the Underwater Wold and much more. If you have never been there yet, you are missing one of the worlds most beautiful countries!

Come and experience Singapore for yourself! (Trust me! you'll love it!)

White tiger at Singapore Zoo. (wrong date on the camera it's 2012 not 2011)
White tiger at Singapore Zoo. (wrong date on the camera it's 2012 not 2011)
Clarke Quay
Clarke Quay


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