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My Travel Bucket List

Updated on January 8, 2020

Travelling is something I'm not sure I will enjoy because I'm somebody who loves staying at home and being in a place that I'm familiar with and that I know is permanent when we travel it's temporary and that takes away from the enjoyment and comfort sometimes. However I really want to see the world because there is so much beauty out there that simply cannot be expressed in pictures that the eyes can see.

I've not travelled much which is probably why I'm not sure if I'll enjoy it but it's something I want to try a little of to see if it is something that I want to spend my money on and if it is something that will bring me joy and if not then that's ok, at least I explored it. That is why I've created this bucket list of places that I want to travel to because it means that I can explore some of the places that I'm most excited for and discover if it's something that brings me happiness.

So let's get into the travel bucket list:


I've heard and seen so much of this place online over the last few years, it has become such a popular place because of it's innovations and resourcefulness despite being such a small country. The reason why I want to visit Singapore is because of the beauty that is being attempted to be captured in the photos but I know that what I'll see with my own eyes will be extraordinary.

Check out to find out more about travelling to Singapore if its one that you're interested in visiting.


This has been such a hub for travellers in the past few years, you would have literally seen everyone posting about travelling to Morocco on their Instagram and rightly so because the place is full of culture, with beautiful pottery and other items that are decorated with colour, embroidery and beads. It's a place of vibrant colours and it's like being in a movie with the beauty that surrounds you. It looks unreal, heaven on earth would not be a description too far off for this mesmerising place.

To find out more about what you can do here in Morocco visit

The markets of Morocco are what I really want to see, that is the hidden gem and truly the most stunning (judgement made from pictures that fill my feed)


Out of all the western countries this would have to be my favourite, despite have never been there my desire to visit Australia continues to grow. Australia is stunning with its architecture and animals.

Unfortunately Australia has been hit with the worst fires and it has killed animals in the millions and many people have been injured as well as killed so if you could, please donate to

It breaks my heart to see the country, people and animals suffering so much because of the climate change ruins we have bought about as a population.


Just like Morocco I am fascinated by the beauty and culture of this place, the buildings and the treasures that are hidden in this place and can only be found here secures it a spot on my bucket list, no matter where you visit you are bound to see beauty all around you. Not only does it look beautiful but peaceful, it looks so serene and calm I would 100% visit this just to escape the hectic-ness of life and to relax in the beautiful scenery and gorgeous sun.


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