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My Trip to Disney

Updated on July 29, 2009

Trip Out at Disney

My family and myself took a trip to Kissimmee, just out side of Orlando, Fla, and were really surprised by the tricks people will slip in to make a dollar. We have taken promotional visits before to Resorts in the Orlando area before with very little trouble except for some rude sales people and high pressure closures we had to watch out for. You will save quite a lot of money on some of these tours and get some very good meals out of them. I am not adverse to saving a dollar and I know alot of others that feel the same way, especially now that our president is taking us to the cleaners.

We were going to breakfast at the Ponderosa when we stopped by one of those discount coupon stands right outside of "old town" and I told the guy what we wanted and was to the point. He said he had a deal for me. 3 tickets to Disney for 2 days for $175.00. So we bought them and were happy thinking we had recieved a great deal and really thanked the fellow for his time and efforts to satisfy us. Boy were we fools.

The next day we went to Disney just to find out the tickets were only for one day and they could do nothing to change them. Wow, were we taken back. So, OK, that's that. We went on to Disney and tried to have a good time. We were there most of the day and got back to our motel quite late only to find a prostitute and her pimp had had some sort of argument and she had broken in our room by chance to hide and had wiped us out of our belongings. I should know better than staying in a motel but the little lady wanted a quick, spur of the moment get a way and we paid the price.It's different now, believe me.

The motel was supposed to have security but hey, they have a lot to do. You know like eating donuts, reading magazines, making cell phone calls, watching DVD players and all else that is important to them. Oh yea. I forgot sleeping while on duty.

My advise would be to stay in a gold crown resort if possible and don't buy anything that sounds to good to be true.

Has anyone else had an experience like this?

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