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My Wanderings

Updated on May 19, 2010

Kerala - God's Own Country

I belongs to the state Kerala of South India.It is famous for its natural beauty blended with backwaters and rivers.It is also famous for its rich canopy.Being blessed with the nature's gift people call it God's Own Country.

The capital city of Kerala is Thiruvanathapuram. It is one of the tourist attractions of the state.There is an international airport at Thiruvanathapuram.Hence foreign tourists also can reach my state very easily.

The world famous beach Kovalam is in Thiruvanathapuram. The shallow and calm sea is famous for sunbath.For international tourists there is separate area itself.The sweet kiss of waves on the shores abundant with coconut trees ( Coconut tree is our state tree) is a magnificient view.Boarding and Lodging facility at Kovalam is provided by government owned inns as well as private owned restaurants.

Another famous attraction of Thiruvanathapuram is the beach of Shanghumugham.It is near to the airport itself.This is the place where the air show by Sai Kiran team of Indian Air Force is conducted in Kerala.If the visit to the place is during the airshow your eyes will have one more good feast .

Then there is a number of palces in Thiruvanathapuram.It was the capital of Travancore dynasty.The famous among them being Marthanda Varmma and Swathi Tirunal.Marthanda Varma is the first king in India who defeated a foreign army in a battle.It was in Kulachal Battle.Kulachal is now the part of Tamilnadu.

The famous palace is the "Kanakakkunnu" which is now an art gallery cum museum.The whole history of Travancore kings had narrated there.Also the king's and queen's daily used articles and gifts obtained are exhibited there.

Other attractions of Thiruvanathapuram are the zoo, planetorium with science and technology museum , Veli lake , Varkala beach etc.


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