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My trip to Alaska

Updated on August 11, 2009

My trip to Alaska

My trip started in Atlanta with my friend Mike, an avid fisherman also. I carried my S&W mod 29 44 mag also. After packing it away safely in the planes cargo hole. It was going along just fine until I tried to go through the medal detector.

Whats this you can't carry this onto the plane. I looked up at a tall non describe male standing in front of me holding my new stainless needle nose pliers, I'll have to keep these they are 1/2 inch to long. My god man what in the hell do you think I'm going to do with those. Well I lost my pliers and I'm pissed.

Arriving in Anchorage is a beautiful site if you have never been there. This is our first day for two old guys one educated and then there's me. I have been a cop for several years and at this point, retired from Hillsborough Co and now working in a small town in North Georgia.

I'm exited about fishing and nothing else so as the day goes on we walk across the street to a sporting store one of the largest in anchorage. To my amazement the store has everything you could never afford but always wanted. We purchased some flies ,spoons and some new line for my spinner and just a few other things I didn't really need.

Where off flying on a private plane located on a small airport right in the middle of Anchorage.

Flying over Cook outlet there are many small streams and rivers, duck blinds line the shore line and mud flats for miles. The noise is terrible so I'm talking to myself and trying to take a few pictures from my side of this little box. Look just beneath us three Bologa whales, large porpoise type mammals jumping back and forth across the mouth of one of those mud flats.

We landed at Bologa airport a long strip made of crushed rock it seems like its 2 miles long. Larger cargo planes come in and out of there delivering men and supplies to the power plant that supplies Anchorage. This is the area where the bridge to nowhere was to go. our guide has arrived to pick us up, after a few hellos and being introduced to him by my friend Mike. Lets get this stuff loaded up we still get some fishing time in. Our guide was about six feet or so tough looking with a marlin 45-70 camp rifle slung over his shoulder. His truck was an old Ford Bronco on its last leg, but vehicles are a little hard to get up here and the winter takes a toll on them.

The cabin was a nice small little log cabin with a bedroom up stairs where the guide slept. All I wanted to do was get in the kitchen and cook up some food. On the bottom floor there were two sets of bunks and a couch. This is when I learned we all lived in the cabin together and with his Indian girlfriend. They made us feel welcome as possible. The girlfriend was with a local Indian tribe that lived not far from us, but I was informed that we would not be going there.

As We both tried to fit in our skin tight waders and putting on my shoulder harness and magnum was a chore and the trip has just begun. While I was walking I was reminded about my waders, my brother Larry drowned up in the wilderness in northern Minnesota several years early. We walked to large gully and on the bottom of this deep hole there was a fast moving river about two foot deep in most places.But first we had to stay on track and not fall off the narrow trail. About a hundred feet or so was water. If you could just smell the water, salmon every where. As I learned real fast these guys did not like to play fish, only one thing on the salmons mind at this point is laying eggs and dying.

I was using an 10 weight rod and an orvis real, floating line with about three hundred yards of backing. As I now knew the 10 weight rod was not needed up there much to big, another lesson learned. Its not as easy as it looks, logs bushes and your buddy of course. But after a few minuets I snagged one, while what a fight, it didn't last long he or she was off. My heart was pounding and I was so mad I lost the first fish or at least for me that is. Up stream then down stream, Mike had one on god oh Mitty I thought he was going into the water and after all that fight is was a red. We only keep Silver Salmon, the silvers are a far superior fish to eat if your going to eat salmon that is.

A couple hours of that and I was real tired, the waiters felt like every bit of at least 100 pounds, my magnum two rods, and other gear. We didn't keep any fish the first day , but what a beginning.

I could go on and on but we caught fish, lots of fish. After three days and nights we were dead tired, plenty of booze ,food and conversation. I can't reveal all of what we did or I'd have to kill you.

We returned to the motel in Anchorage for some very needed sleep. Mike and I just looked at one and other he was dead tired and my leg was bleeding from the waders rubbing me raw. But after a short rest we decided to travel south and just hit and miss the fishing holes.

In the weeks to come I will have other trips to back wood rivers, creeks and bays.

 me with the third days catch
me with the third days catch
 Mike with our guide
Mike with our guide
 Mess of salmon
Mess of salmon
last day next to indian village
last day next to indian village
 Mike last day fishing
Mike last day fishing

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