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Salt Springs

Updated on December 9, 2017
Paul Westphal profile image

Paul is and experienced diver with a love for nature and a passion for its preservation. He films underwater video to inspire others.

Salt Springs side view

A view of Salt Springs form the picnic area.
A view of Salt Springs form the picnic area. | Source

Salt Springs is like Paradise

Salt springs is a place in central Florida where you can swim in crystal clear springs that are fed by the local aquifer. The springs are filled with a variety of fish, as well as blue crabs. You can also fish at the park outside of the swimming area and catch a wide variety of edible fish. If you are intending on visiting the springs then you must come prepared. Snorkels and a mask are a must and should be accompanied by some fins. This is the best way to experience the true beauty of the spring. Nothing outside of the water even comes close to the profound beauty that is found beneath the surface. Here is my story about my experience at Salt Springs.

Video of Salt Springs

No place like it

As a videographer I have found that the Florida Springs are some of the most beautiful places to film. I have provided a video of my work above so that you can get a sneak peak at what it is like to dive beneath the surface in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Florida is known for its clear water and it is a well deserved accolade. I first moved to Florida about 2 years ago and ever since then I have been blown away by all the hidden gems that lie in Florida. Everyone talks about Florida's beaches as their claim to fame, but in my book they pale in comparison to the springs. With their unmatched clarity and serene setting, it is hard to find anywhere else on the globe that is similar.

Salt Springs Crystal Clear Water

A view of Salt Springs standing in the water.
A view of Salt Springs standing in the water. | Source

What is it like?

It is important to note that there are over 900 different springs in Florida and they all have their own distinct characteristics and personality. Salt springs is a rather shallow spring with 4 rather small spring heads. Although you can snorkel, you can not actually scuba dive there. There are many other springs in Florida that allow you to scuba dive, but salts spring is simply not deep enough. With that said there is still a lot of exploring to be done here that will ignite your sense of adventure and inspire you to check out more springs in the area.

Salt springs is within a short drive to Alexander, Juniper, Silver Gen, and Mud springs. They are all quite different, but Alexander is by far the biggest and allows for scuba diving. Salt springs is a great place for the family to visit and it is something that everyone can enjoy. The side has a gradual slope into the spring, making it safer for kids than the other nearby springs. It also has a concession stand where you can by ice cream and floaties for the kids if you happened to forget them on the way. Every one there is friendly and the beauty of the park really brings everyone together.


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Salts Spring Photo Op


Salt Springs Location


My experience at the springs inspired me to start making videos. I had never seen anything before in my life that was so deserving of documenting. My first time snorkeling in the springs inspire me to buy an under water video camera and start making under water videos. I am sure that you will be equally as inspired as I was by these natural springs as I was. Being weightless in a pool of seemingly endless clarity and beauty will not only change the way you look at the world, but also the way you look at yourself. You cant help, but feel a deep connection with nature when you are submerged in the spring. Everything seems to slow down. Everything goes quiet and when you breach the surface you come back with a little more insight into the world of what goes on beneath the surface. As we slowly realize that almost all life on the planet exists below the surface of our rivers, streams and oceans, we start to come to terms with the reality that we are but a small drop in the bucket. What we do has a huge impact on the water and the life that depends on its existence. So lets broaden our awareness to accommodate the recollection that we are all a part of the same ecosystem. Hopefully this hub has not only peaked your interest, but has also inspired.

© 2017 Paul Westphal


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