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Naples Italy Sightseeing In The Shadow of Vesuvius

Updated on February 1, 2012
Street In Naples
Street In Naples

Naples is a great place to visit whenever in Italy and if you are doing any sightseeing on a tour you will probably hear the most common thing said by tour guides there.  Naples is in Florida here you are in Napoli. Not sure why westerners always change the way we say and spell other countries cities but we do. Like many other cities in Italy Naples has a lot of old world charm and like the other cities has its own uniqueness in how the city is laid out. Part of the differences in Naples is it is a port city with many waterfront areas to see and things to do one of which is spending time at the beach along with the many shops to see  and restaurants to choose from .

Naples is one of Italy's largest cities and has many attractions scattered throughout. However when looking for sites to see in Naples it is still best to get a good tour book I recommend buying DK eyewitness travel Italy and can be purchased at Barnes &  Noble on line or any of there stores. It has the sites broken down into sections of town making it easy to get around. Some of the major sites to see in Naples are, San Gennaro which is one of Naples largest churches with wonderful ornate carvings throughout the entire church. Another of Naples largest churches is San Gregorio Armeno and is equally ornate, both are must sees if you like architecture.

View of the Sea Naples
View of the Sea Naples

Some of the other sites are the castle Nuovo, the Museum Archeologico Nazionale housing the statue Farnese Hercules and the famous Galleria Umberto 1, with its magnificent glass domed roof. Along with the fabled city of Pompeii being only a few miles away there is plenty of sites to see if you are planning a long stay in Naples. Getting around Naples is easy to do with a good metro system as well as city bus routes running to many parts of the city. Whileplanning your trip it is easy to check on metro and bus routes on line, there are a couple ways this can be done one is to go onto google maps and type in the cities name you want to go to and metro. for example Naples metro or Naples bus routes. This often tells you whether the city you are interested in has a metro system or not and if not you can check for bus routes. The other way to check is just a normal web search and again type in the city name and what you are looking for either the metro routes or bus routes. Often you will find the official site for the system with maps showing the routes and stops. This is also a great thing to do just to see how close the hotel you are staying in is to metro and bus stops. Once on either of their sites you can often download schedules and routes along with maps of where they go making it easy to plan each day.


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