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Natas Travel Fair 2013, Singapore

Updated on February 21, 2013

NATAS Deals at NATAS Travel Fair 2013, Singapore

If you are looking for travel deals this season, why not look at NATAS deals at the NATAS Fair that is on at Singapore Expo from 22 to 24 Feb 2013. Touted to be one of the hottest event in Singapore, NATAS Travel Fair 2013 will draw in thousands of people living in Singapore who are looking for good travel deals, budget packages, holiday packages, vacation packages in Asia, North and South America, Europe, Africa and even Australia. Contiki Holidays, Chan Brothers, Club Med, ASA Holidays, SingExpress Travel, Tralfagar, Insight Vacations and many more will be having attractive offers this season.

NATAS Travel Fair 2011, Singapore Expo Hall 4 and 5
NATAS Travel Fair 2011, Singapore Expo Hall 4 and 5

Next NATAS Travel Fair in Singapore

The Next Natas Fair in Singapore will be from 24 February to 26 February 2012. It will be held at Singapore Expo at Changi Hall 3B, 4 and 5, from 10.00 am to 9.30 pm. Expect thousands of people each day at the Fair. Try not to bring young children as they will hinder your decision making process as the process of consultation with agents may take time.

Pre-NATAS Fairs and Promotional Offers

Pre-NATA Fairs usually drum up interest in vacation.  Banks will make use of their Credit Card data base to send offers of travel packages to their clients.  Travel companies and agencies will invite you for pre-views of special packages on offer.  Airlines will start offering special discounted fares to certain exotic destinations.  Air Asia, Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, JetStar, etc... look out for their promotions in the local newspapers. 

NATAS Fair Exhibitors

You will expect to see major travel and tour companies at the NATAS Fair. You can expect the following at the Travel Fair, Chan Brothers Travel, Sino-America Tours, CTC Travel, UOB Travel, Hong Thai Travel, Five Star Tours, ASA Holidays, Giamso Tours, Diners World Travel, Farmosa Holiday Travel, WTS Travel, Jetabout Holidays, JTB and many more. You can also expect tourism boards and orgranisations from various countries represented there too. Major Airlines, cruises and coach companies displaying their packages also.

Relaxing holiday at Ayanas Bali
Relaxing holiday at Ayanas Bali

Going to the NATAS Fair

I can say that the place will be really packed with holiday package shoppers. If you are planning to drive, expect traffic jams and full car park. Those who attend such an event, usually will take at least an hour or more to visit travel companies to discuss their itinerary and travel plans, before they make the decision to purchase those tour packages or vacation packages. Public transport is still the best. It is unlike IT Shows or Fairs where you will need to lug home your computers or printers and you may the convenience of your car to transport them. At NATAS Fair, you will get an envelope with all the signed documents and nothing heavy unless they offer you a travel suit case as a free gift.


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