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Need a haircut? Rob Ferrel's in San Antonio, Texas is the best

Updated on September 13, 2014
Awesome inc
Awesome inc | Source

Tatoos? Oh, please! That is so last century. These brilliant pieces of art crafted by a San Antonio barber are the latest body art invention. No body piercings, no permanent ink on your skin. Still, through these haircuts, you get to pass your message. A popular Swahili saying states that, 'Ukitaka kula nguruwe, chagua aliyenona' which translates to, 'If you want to eat pork, go for the fattest pig'. Well, when it comes to getting a haircut, then Rob Ferrel, the original master barber, should be your choice.

Haircuts that would leave Steve thinking
Haircuts that would leave Steve thinking

Who's this man Rob Ferrel

Rob Ferrel, also known as Rob the original is a 28 year old barber and stylist, originally from San Diego, Los Angeles. He moved to San Antonio in Texas a few years ago. To exploit his talents in hair cutting and drawing, Rob Ferrel opened a barber shop, Rob The Original Barbershop, in 2012. The barber shop is located in a small plaza south of San Antonio's downtown.Rob combines exceptional haircuts and drawing to create hairstyle that are simply out of this world.

How tiz done: Rob Ferrel
How tiz done: Rob Ferrel
Rob Ferrel leaves you happy and satisfied
Rob Ferrel leaves you happy and satisfied

How was the artwork invented

In his interview with ESPN, Rob stated that he grew up in a family where getting an allowance was comparable to finding a polar bear in the Sahara. For that reason, he learnt to cut his own hair. He also had his brother's head for practice. That way, a skill was born and perfected. Rob, however, noted that his drawing is an inborn talent which he discovered at an early age. Being the artist he is, creativity runs in his veins. For that reason, combining haircuts with the drawing was very easy for him.

Ferrel discovered his special gift only eightyears ago, when a kid walked into the
barbershop he worked at and asked for a small little swirl. “From there I started doing stars and more complex designs, team logos” he said. “And then I wanted to do something different and stand out, so I did portraits. Now if they bring me any image, I can replicate it in their hair,” said Ferrel.

Bragging rights: Rob Ferrel showcases his work
Bragging rights: Rob Ferrel showcases his work | Source

The first beneficiary of his unique talent was his brother who had a portrait of Tupac Shakur drawn (or do I say shaved) on his head. From that moment on, people started lining up at his barbershop. Rob Ferrel broke the proverbial glass ceiling during the recent world cup in Brazil where fans of different teams knocked on his door, demanding to have portraits of their favorite stars on their heads. So far, Rob Ferrel has made portraits of popular soccer stars like Neymar, Messi, Chicharito among others, in addition to those of musicians, eminent personalities, logos, designs, patterns etc. In fact, during the world cup, he was getting so many clients (soccer fans) that they would watch football matches from the barber shop as they waited for their turns to get a hair cut.

Ferrel charges between $80 to $100 per design cut

The beat goes like this

To start with, Rob puts on his headphones and plays his favorite jams before embarking on the shaving. The groove guides him through and he rarely stops to check on his progress.

Watch Rob Ferrel make the amazing spider man haircut

Rob Ferrel at work: This is how it starts
Rob Ferrel at work: This is how it starts | Source

In a process that takes about two hours, Rob holds a phone with the desired image next to his client and using it as a reference, makes a drawing using a hair trimmer and a straight razor. The client's head in this case serves as the barber's canvas.

The finished portrait
The finished portrait | Source

After this, he uses non-toxic eyeliner and lip liner pencils to color the hair. The pencil's colors are non-toxic and therefore, cannot react with the skin. Finally, Rob uses hairspray to give the portrait an extra sheen, a protective layer that further prevents it from smudging in case it is rained on. Rob says that he is sometimes amazed by his creations.

Currently, Rob works with 10 employees who only do the shaving. The portraits are only made by the master, the original Rob Fennel. With his plans to establish a new barbershops, I wonder how he will manage to keep customers in different locations satisfied.
Well, with fans having the option of getting his portraits on their heads, Christiano Ronaldo's t-shirt sales might be headed for a dip.

The future can only get better for Rob Ferrel
The future can only get better for Rob Ferrel | Source

Rob Ferrel discovered his great talent by chance after years of shaving himself as well as his brother. What about you emulating Ferrel? Grab a hair trimmer and start practicing today!


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