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U.S. Travel: New Orleans- French Quarter Heaven

Updated on June 14, 2015

Jackson Square

A buggy ride through the French Quarter
A buggy ride through the French Quarter

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New Orleans fun for one and all

New Orleans is a great place to go as a couple, with friends and even with children. Although, if you want to enjoy the French Quarter at night, it's best to bring a babysitter.

For family fun, there are the shops in the French Quarter, the trolley to the shopping mall, the buggy rides, the zoo and the square where painters paint, performers perform and you can even get your palm read. The World War II museum is filled with such amazing artifacts that you must give this museum several hours in order to see and enjoy it all.

BUBBA GUMP'S, a must eat place in New Orleans, but brush up on your movie trivia because there will be questions on Forest Gump, the winners get small trinkets that are usually sold in the gift shop.

Jackson Square
Jackson Square

The Spirit of the People of New Orleans Cannot Be Broken.

New Orleans is the place to go when your mind is tired and your body is not. There is so much to see and so much to do that you can leave the worries behind you as soon as you get there.

It's beauty and it's people are amazing.

The Best Place to Stay:

In the french quarter. Parking is scarce, but once you park you never have to move it again. Everything you need is in the French Quarter or within walking distance. The Ursuline Guest House was a nice place with 2 bedrooms, they had cheese and wine at 5:00 pm. for guests and continental breakfast, all for about $145 a night per room. The French Market Hotel which was a higher end hotel and a little pricier, but it was on the outskirts of the French Quarter. Best Western (very inexpensive) but I wouldn't recommend that area. After Katrina, it's been cleaned up a bit, but I still don't feel to comfortable with that area. Vacation Rentals By Owners has very good deals on studio and regular home rentals at a fair price.

Places to Go and Things to do:

  • Jackson Square (free)
  • The old cemetery (free)- a trip to New Orleans wouldn't be fun without seeing the "Voodoo Queen", Marie Laveau's grave site.
  • The Buggy rides (about $50-$100) depends on the driver
  • The Visitor Info Stand- Tours/Maps- there's one down the street from Bubba Gump's restaurant and they are always helpful. Take a Ghost Tour or the Vampire Tours- Day/Night.
  • The World War II Museum- this is a great place to go, but you have to drive there and it will take the better part of the day to see and enjoy it all.
  • The French Market is always fun- food and souvenirs galore.

Adult- Nigh Life:

  • The old time jazz and blues of New Orleans can still be found, but not as easily as it use to be. Three years after Katrina many of the "jazz" clubs had closed down or re-opened but now the bands playing were rock or country. A trek down side streets one could find a jazz band. Katrina has long passed and more of the clubs on Bourbon Street have live jazz bands. It's taking time, but it's returning to the New Orleans of old on Bourbon Street.
  • Off course, you can't have New Orleans without it's "red light" district and it's still there.
  • Harrah's Casino

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French Quarter, New Orleans, LA, USA
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  • profile image

    Old West Fan 6 years ago

    Haven't been to New Orleans in over 30 years. I remember it was beautiful in the springtime with flowers everywhere and the people were great! The food was beyond compare, the night life, well, what can anyone say about the night life. It was popping! I also remember the unbelievably oppressive heat and muggy air, the mosquitoes and the smell of the river. Well, a little good with a little bad. Like everywhere else, I guess.

  • happyexplorer profile image

    happyexplorer 7 years ago from Mostly USA, sometimes elsewhere

    I love New Orleans, and can't wait to go back! It's a great city, unlike any other.