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Finding Cheap Hotels In New York

Updated on May 9, 2011

New York, The City That Never Sleeps

Whether it be by day or by night, New York City has a lot to offer. Of course, while the city never sleeps, you will eventually need to do so, and it can be an expensive premise ... unless you know of a cheap place to stay. Of course, no one wants to stay in a rat infested dungeon, so we need to find a place that is both clean and affordable.

Looking through the many offerings, one first encounters hotels like the Four Seasons New York, which is $5780 a week, double occupancy. A bit too much to pay, don't you think? Search a little deeper and you will find The Pierre for $4203a week, double occupancy, which is also rated very well but still a bit prohibitive in cost.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a cheaper alternative that was just as good? Well, as it turns out, there are many, but these aren't the glitzy hotels you see advertised everywhere. Considering your goal is to saving your money to explore the Big Apple, then we can step aside from the glamor to find ourselves a clean place to sleep that's also affordable.

So, are you with me? Good. We'll taker a tour together through what New York City has to offer, from the priciest down to the most affordable.

4 Star Hotels

The 4 stars are a bit pricey, but not as much as their famous 5 star counterparts. Quite often, these hotels are as good, or better, than the five stars. Here are two fine examples:

Hotel Chandler

Located in New York's Murray Hill district, the Chandler Hotel offers many amenities and stands out among the finest New York City has to offer. Priced out at $2821 a week, double occupancy, it's more affordable than the five star hotels. However, a better 4 star option is The Westin, located in nearby Jersey City, which is only $1963 a week, double occupancy. 

Both hotels are highly rated, but of course, you might have something less pricier in mind. After all, we are here to find a cheap hotel, right? Let's continue looking!

3 Star Hotels

By lowering our standards a bit, we can find something much more affordable. Remember, star ratings relate to the pampering you will get at each hotel, and all we are interested in is a good night's sleep in a clean room, right?

Good, then let's look at some 3 star options:

The Best Western Robert Treat Hotel inside downtown Newark is only $976 for a one week stay, double occupancy, and is rated very well. Of course, you could save even more by staying at the Wyndham Garden Hotel at the Newark Airport. Yes, it's an airport, but the rooms are insulated from the jet noise, so the planes won't keep you up all night. And besides ... few jets fly into the airport overnight anyway, so this shouldn't prove a problem.

Another advantage of the Wyndham Garden is you can fly in, check into your room, and you've arrived! No need to drive elsewhere, until you are ready to call for a cab or rent a car (which you can do in the airport lobby). And when you're ready to go home, you just take your bags into the terminal and hop on the plane - nothing could be easier!

Cost of a one week stay in the Wyndham Garden? $562, double occupancy. More affordable, right?

Of course, we can find something even MORE affordable. Shall we?

2 Star Hotels

You wanted something cheap, so we are looking down deeper into the pile. Remember, you often get what you pay for, so these hotels won't be as nice as the ones previously listed. Still, if the room is clean and the sleep is good, that's more money to spend in New York City, right? Glad you feel that way! Here's some great 2 star options:

The Howard Johnson at the Newark Airport isn't as highly rated as the Wyndham Garden, but it is a bit cheaper. At $443 a week, double occupancy it's quite affordable and still offers the advantages of the Wyndham, for about $120 less.

Looking to go cheaper? There's always the Broadway Hotel and Hostel, located om Manhatten's Upper West Side. It quotes a $35 per night charge, but read the fine print, as they charge $32 a night extra for the second occupant, which brings the double occupancy price up to $553 for one week ... more expensive than the Howard Johnson. Still, if you are travelling alone this is an excellent bargain.

1 Star Hotels

This is the bottom of the barrel. A room to sleep in, and not much more. 

A decent option in this group is the Chocolat Hotel and Hostel for $396 a week, double occupancy, located on the Upper West Side, 1 block from Broadway. This is as cheap as it gets, unless you are willing to stay in a hotel far from the city or a place that is unclean and rat ridden.

Of course, you might be able to find something I didn't, but know ahead of time that I checked all of the online services and I was looking for places that had a decent or better rating. All occupancies were based on a stay from 10/10/09 to 10/17/09 for two people and having extra people along could increase the price. If you will have more people with you, be certain to ask about any discounts that might apply.

So, There You Have It!

From some of the most luxurious stays to some of the cheapest, the Big Apple has a lot to offer. As a best bet, I recommend the Wyndham Garden as it's all around a great day for pricing, convenience, and amenities. Of course, you might think differently, and that's perfectly all right. The important thing is that you have all of the info you need to make a choice that will work for you.

Remember, when looking for a cheap hotel, always inquire about any extra hidden fees, which include: higher pricing for more occupants, special taxes, and fees for extra services that are optional (and perhaps, not necessary by your standards).

And so, I hope your stay in the Big Apple is a good one, and that you get to see a great broadway play while your there. Enjoy the city that never sleeps, knowing you must eventually do so, in a hotel that you hopefully can afford. :)

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