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New York City really is the sancurary city.

Updated on September 14, 2017
Like it or not, new me .. not going anywhere
Like it or not, new me .. not going anywhere | Source

Ride From Hell

So every morning, I walk down two blocks and I get on the subway. I like the walk, it tends to clear my head. I usually bring a book with me to read. I forgot my book this one morning, I am working on a story that takes place in World War I. I think it is very interesting. I sometimes do not get a seat and am subject to ride 40 minutes almost to my stop standing up. Sometimes it's not so bad.

This particular morning I managed to find a seat just in the nick of time. I sat down and I had ten stops to go. 30 minutes to switch to the next train to take me 10 minutes to my stop.

The train was full, as it always is 7:30am. There were people from all walks of life around me. People minding their own business, on their phone, or reading a book or just chilling out watching the scenery go by like me.

There was this man standing up, he was as dark as coal. From his accent I could tell he was from Haiti. I love those accents, they have a little French swerve to them when they are speaking English. It started out fine enough. "Good Morning everyone.. I would like to bring your attention.... " That's where it started

"Do you know that the storms we are getting are getting worse and worse?"

He started, There are hurricanes and earthquakes. He was talking about hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irene that just happened, and then on the news that very morning was an earthquake in Mexico.

"God is getting so mad at people, all the people of the world" He was shouting.


I was the only Muslim on that train and his eyes were boring down on me now. I wanted to tell him, you don't know what you are talking about. I was thinking You can't judge people. He started talking about Isis and that they chop people's heads off. I started to say "You don't know what you are saying" But he cut me off and just kept talking non stop.

The people around me were shaking their heads and telling him to shut up., It was too early in the morning to hear this sort of talking. He started saying that God uses people in mysterious ways and that he is using Trump to correct the wrong that USA is doing.

He was going off on the gay community and the immigrants... (I would aim to bet that he was an immigrant himself) I don't understand what he was doing.

This very young girl must of been in her early twenties, got infront of me and yelled at him... "YOU ARE BEING CULTURELY INSENSATIVE" YOU PIG... SHUT UP!!!!"

Then she looked down at me "I'm so sorry miss". then about four different people who were surrounding me stood infront of me telling him to shut up and stop inciting such things. I felt protected, yes, but yet I felt overwhelmed with dread at the same time.

I hear on the news that KKK are inciting and causing riots and other hate crimes are going on, but this is the first time it was directed at me. It wasn't physical, no but at the same time I felt powerless to stop it.

If I would of attacked him in anger, it would of made me look like an idiot. maybe that is what he was trying to make me do.

Instead, I have to think now, this is the first time this has happened to me, I don't think its going to be the last.

I got off that train and leaned against the pole in the middle, waiting for the next train. One tear ran down my cheek, and then another. I wouldn't let myself sob although I certainly felt like it. It just made me more determined that I am going to wear my hijab no matter what looks it gets or what people say. I like that I dress conservative now. It makes me feel more feminine and pretty.

Well that was my morning on the subway two days ago..


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