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New York's Best Hauntings

Updated on November 22, 2010

Growing up as a child, I was intrigued by the unexplained supernatural surroundings. As a teenager I became more involved in learning into the studies of it, and doing a lot of research into the supernatural. I was more of the type of teenager on a dare who wanted to experience the real thing than hearing it. Family and friends told a lot of tales and stories that I kept logs from hauntings, apparitions they couldn't understand, to orbs floating around gravestones. This really intrigued me more so in my early twenties and for me, I wanted to dig deeper into it, let alone live some of it as a experience too. One of my favorite haunting stories told me, and I had experienced as a teenager was in Schenectady. Veil Cemetery is located in downtown, a popular location these days for people who like to visit the old Schenectady historic town. Most tourists wouldn't have thought of a cemetery being haunted, but most of us residents here, or who grew up, as myself, do know that it's been known to be as "The Gates of Hell". I experienced it myself in my late teen years with some other friends on a Halloween Night. I experienced personally apparitions floating above the graves, to ghosts that were black and white flying around in the cemetery. Most of my friends saw this too.

I had witnessed one of the creepiest thing in my life which was a few of the statues bleeding from their eyes. I had thought for a moment I was going insane, or I had too much candy for that matter. I wasn't the only one who saw that same thing. Some say that the old church on the side of the house's have many apparitions too. From strange lights that can be seen in the windows and even an eerie singing can be heard beyond the front doors. Something me and my friends had heard that night, sounds of an eerie singing coming from the front of the gates. The old church on the site house's many apparitions from strange lights that can be seen in the windows and even an that eerie singing coming from beyond the doors. Most people that know the tales here will be more than happy to tell their story of what they know to you of this, or as for me , first hand experienced it. Since that Halloween night in my teenage year, I have never returned back to the cemetery for what i encountered that night.

On the opposite side of Schenectady, is a school called Yates Elementary. The building very old, and probably for centuries as I could tell always driving by for years, its been reported of a ghostly young girl who opens an upstairs door, and enters it. The odd thing about this door is it's always locked. The classroom that the ghostly girl entered used to be a teaching class for retarded children back in the 1950's era. Back then it had been kept locked to prevent the children from leaving the room. Teachers and children these days have seen other spirits go through the door to the locked classroom. Back downtown in Schenectady again, we stroll over through a lot of historic buildings and pleasant areas. You can also find here many parks as well, where the Hudson river will flow through with benches to sit and watch. Here you will find Front Street Park, a popular location where most tourists love to stroll around and watch the river and feed the birds in the spring time. It's been said it was an Indian burial ground, and when you stand close to it, you can truly feel the presence of something or someone. The benches of the park have been occupied and then suddenly empty too.

Over on the other side of Schenectady, a local college stands for students. There, Union college has many historic facts about the beauty and nature of it as well a history too. There is a wonderful garden that sits behind the building. On the first full moon after the summer solstice, which is in June, a spirit by the name of Alice is said to walk along the creek there. It is believed that centuries ago, Alice was burned at the stake on the property. As we move over to a new city, Troy, there is a lot of historic places to tell and hauntings. RPI, a college very well known in Troy, is located downtown. Many students in the West Hall A Building had served as a hospital prior to becoming a classroom building. The ghost of a lady in white is often seen walking the halls. She is said to be a nurse that died in a fire that gutted the building while trying to save children. The ghost is welcomed and friendly to the students today.

Not far from RPI, is a cemetery called Forest Park Pinewood. It is known to be one of the top ten haunted cemeteries in the countries. As an old deserted cemetery, no one has been buried in around four years. Ghosts have been sighted and photographs of strange things have been taken and published in local newspapers too. A renowned psychic said the the cemetery was built on an Indian burial ground and the spiritual activity is very turbulent and malicious too. Not far from Forest Park Cemetery is a beautiful park named Frear Park. Here you will find many people walking around, children can play on swings and a church where people can attend as well. In this park, people will park their cars, and the story goes of large "things" that like to jump onto cars. They leave claw marks on the back of the cars. There is no proof of wild life in the area to this day. It's a feeling when a friend jumps onto the back of your car when your about to drive away.

Local Troy residents tend to go and spend some quiet time at the Country club to relax and put around for some golf. Here residents tell the story that when driving at night there has been sightings of a waitress that worked there in the 1970's. It is rumored that when she was driving to work one winter cold night, her car had slipped on the ice and fell off a local bridge. These days, while driving during the daytime, you can see footprints leading into the woods in the snow.
Another popular cemetery in Troy is at St.Mary's Cemetery, at the bottom of a hill. People have told me that a green a glowing green orb can been seen hovering right in front of the gravestone. In Lansingsburgh, which is still Troy, the local high school there is quite popular for being rumored with a 1900 spirit. Back then a teacher went crazy and had killed many students with an ax in room 243. People report these days at night you can hear him walking around waving the ax. If you listen closely you can hear the teens running and screaming in the hallways. Up north of Troy, lies a city part of Saratoga county called Ballston Spa. Milton Terrace is not presently the Crandall home and a apartment building. It hasn't been haunted in over ten years. Back then Slyvester Crandall haunted the home who had killed his wife and daughter. Further up north of Ballston Spa is a college named Potsdam. A DK Fraternity states a man once in the home and had killed his entire family. He haunts the home but never hurts anyone. The upstairs bedroom where there is a step up a foot, but the ceiling underneath doesn't rise up at all. It's said he had buried the bodies. There is a room known in the home called "the cold room". No matter how many heaters in this room, it is always cold.

Off down to Saratoga Springs, where we have lots of tourists every year to see and visit, a local hotel called the Adelphi is known for a haunting. A woman in a blue Victorian dress is heard by her footsteps, doors opening and shutting, windows opening, and shutting. Lights will go on and off and many more unexplained activity guests have witnessed in the hotel. With so many stories in Upstate NY, it is a great pleasure to know and share the stories that family,friends and other have shared to tell about the great haunting here. I am sure that there are many more haunting and unexplained stories to tell out there in NY and I will keep writing about that and sharing with others.


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      2 years ago

      Look forward to looking into your web page repeatedly.

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      2 years ago

      It kind of feels that you are doing any distinctive trick. Moreover, The contents are masterpiece.

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      7 years ago

      Creepy but interesting. I love a good ghost story. Thanks for sharing.


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