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New Zealand- For Travel & Adventure !

Updated on April 2, 2011

End of the earth!

Stood here when I was about 9 !
Stood here when I was about 9 !

New Zealand Highlights

Have you explored the beautiful lush country side of New Zealand yet or are you planning on doing so ?

 I grew up from age 5 in New Zealand spending 7 years in the city of Christchurch visiting beaches like Birdlings Flat , Brighton beach & Akaroa .

I hope to get back there and do a campervan trip covering both the North and South Islands ,  & make sure I see places I didn't get to while living there .

Even if you are not into the adventure part New Zealand is still well worth seeing and there are relaxing activities as well for every age to enjoy and share.

I would fly into Auckland & stay there for a few days , go up the Auckland  tower I haven't seen yet for a start !

My first destination would be to the Bay of Islands for a few days as I haven't been past Whangarei even though I lived in Auckland & Orewa.

I would visit Tauranga as I have been to New Plymouth etc.

The ferry trip into Picton is a highlight as you sit up top of the Interislander watching out for dolphins as you cruise into the beautiful Marlbourough sounds & Picton where I lived for a while.

Spend some time here & either do a boat cruise or hire a kayak for some exploring on your own !

Nelson where I lived for a few years till I got married at 18 is a lovely area Especially if you go over the hills further on exploring.

You can go to Christchurch 2 ways . From Nelson I would go down the middle and come back up via Kaikora a beautiful spot along the coast.

Queenstown has a lot of adventure ! I went on a speed boat trip down the river, sat on a bull over on a farm , loved the gondala !

Milford sound is where I want to visit  especialy on a cruise into the sounds, and Stewart Island !


Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands

In just about three hours of driving north from Auckland, you'll find yourself in one of New Zealand's top visitor destinations. This is the Bay of Islands, a necklace of coastal townships nearly encircling a bay with close to 150 islands, many virtually untouched by civilisation. Not only is it a romantic and idyllic holiday setting but the Bay of Islands is where you will find historic Waitangi .

Auckland New Zealand

More New Zealand Highlights

If you have the time when in Christchurch then Akaroa is a beautiful spot to visit where we used to go when I was young and did a lot of fishing there !

Another spot on the way up north to call in on is Hamner Springs for the hotpools !

You will love the country side as well as soaking in the pools as we did!

Exploring Auckland

There is a lot to do in Auckland like visiting the Auckland Sky Tower a landmark icon and a must attraction for all visitors to Auckland. Several restaurants are located within the tower complex, which also offers bungy jumping.

New Zealand's most popular astronomy attraction, the Star dome observatory has a complete planetarium, allowing you to see stars, comets and planets a million miles away. Located in the One Tree Hill area you will enjoy this !

Victoria Park Market

If you enjoy shopping then you will want to visit this famous original market building which is more than a century old and now in its current form, houses a large number of shops and market stalls which offer anything from handicrafts, fashion to artwork, and everything else in between.

Auckland zoo is worth a visit as well as activities like Canyoning , kayaking and much more.


Interislander to Picton

See the beautiful Marlbough Sounds !
See the beautiful Marlbough Sounds !

Adventure sports

A favourite spot for bungy jumping
A favourite spot for bungy jumping

Adventure Sports in Queenstown

Queenstown is popular for the shotover river 7 there is another one not as popular , however it is still exciting & a bit cheaper if you are on a budget like I was .

It is called the Kawarau River & as well as the jet boat ride it is a great introduction to white water rafting and provides an exhilarating trip for first time rafters! The four rapids on the Kawarau River are exciting and the scenery is superb. Between rapids you will experience calmer stretches of river, with a unique perspective of the historic Kawarau Bungy Bridge as your raft passes under.

There is also sky diving & bungy jumping to try if you are feeling brave !

In winter of course it is a popular place for a skiing holiday .

White water Rafting in Queenstown

Shotover River

Have the ride of your life !
Have the ride of your life !

Sky Diving - Skiing

Frog Rock in South Island !

Frog Rock ! We used to watch out for him as kids! The Weka Pass between the northern end of the Canterbury Plains and the Amuri district has many weathered limestone outcrops. Their shapes sometimes suggest names  this one is known as Frog Rock.
Frog Rock ! We used to watch out for him as kids! The Weka Pass between the northern end of the Canterbury Plains and the Amuri district has many weathered limestone outcrops. Their shapes sometimes suggest names this one is known as Frog Rock.


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    • World-Traveler profile image

      World-Traveler 7 years ago from USA

      I read your comment about the request for travel ideas. I suggest Thailand. And from there, Laos, Vietnam and Burma. Bring your camera for some great photography.

    • simeonvisser profile image

      simeonvisser 7 years ago

      I've been there :) That bridge is great to jump from but even if you're not into adventure then New Zealand is a great country to travel to. You can always relax in the beautiful scenery while others get their adventurous thrills.

    • profile image

      Charlinex 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing. I wish to visit it one day!