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Nightlife in Newquay

Updated on May 3, 2013

Nightlife in Newquay

As a throbbing, exciting, seaside town, Newquay Nightlife is legedary. With dozens of loud pubs, pub/clubs and nightclubs all close by, it's a Mecca for young people, especially in the summer.

Most years at least one pub/club will be having a total refit, and lately a few have closed down in these recessionary times - more to do with the cost of refits I think, than not being popular!

Many of the bars and clubs are pubs during the day, but at night-time another door opens to a world of flashing lights, foam parties and alcohol abundance.

This list is for the main clubs and pubs that make up nightlife in Newquay, helping you pick out the biggest and best clubs in Newquay from the others... although everybody will have their own favourites. Small clubs, or large clubs, nightlife in Newquay brings you the lot!

Remember though: Newquay is a seaside town, which means there are 100' high cliffs just feet from the main pavement - don't ever climb over fences. And the beaches have tides that go in and out - with the potential of cutting you off from a safe route out.

Enjoy the clubs, but stay safe and stay away from the cliffs and beaches after dark.... that way you get to come again next year too!

Nightlife in Newquay is fab, but make sure it's the best night of your life, not the last.

Nightlife in Newquay

Nightlife in Newquay
Nightlife in Newquay | Source
Newquay Nightlife: Sailors Club, Newquay
Newquay Nightlife: Sailors Club, Newquay | Source

Sailors Club, Newquay

Sailors is both a pub and a nightclub, two venues in the same location. During the day, Sailors is a great place to hang out, they have a high decked area through the back of the bar, overlooking the views. Sailors have a range of bar food, but last time I was there I didn't think a great deal to it. Some people like to sit at the tables at the front of Sailors - and people-watch, but there's plenty of room inside and out the back.

The loos of the pub, though, are all the way downstairs, so a lot of steps!

Sailors nightclub opens during the evening. There's just one door on the street and once you're inside you'll find several bars over a couple of levels. There's also a stage area. The Sailors club layout means it's possible to find a quiet spot/corner (well, not that quiet, but away from the people traffic), as well as lending itself well to walking round the whole club in a circle without having to double-back (great for checking out who is where, but a nightmare to find a lost friend!).

For nightlife Newquay style, Sailors club is probably the most well-known club for Newquay nightlife, extending to a full 1400 capacity some years back. Entry prices do tend to increase as the evening progresses, but early birds can find they're paid to leave once the club's reached capacity. A lot of people will do this: get there early and then leave later with a bit of cashback in their pockets.

Nightlife in Newquay: Berties Club, Newquay
Nightlife in Newquay: Berties Club, Newquay | Source


You'll find Berties on the ground floor of the imposing Victoria Hotel, with its own entrance. During the day there's a bar and outside covered drinking space at the front where you can sit and watch the world go by under huge colourful umbrellas.

By night, Berties is a full-blown nightclub, split across two levels with a few bars. It's regularly updated and changed around - which seems to be a theme in Newquay, for many clubs to be completely remodelled each winter.

Nightlife in Newquay: Chy Bar, Newquay Nightlife
Nightlife in Newquay: Chy Bar, Newquay Nightlife | Source

The Koola Bar / Chy Bar

I don't personally see Koola as a club, but it's certainly nightlife Newquay style. I'm a bit older than most and the last time I went in there it definitely felt like I'd just arrived as the local skatepark had closed.

Koola is a long, quite narrow, pub/club and close to Towan Beach and is joined to the Chy Bar. The Chy Bar end has fabulous beach views and a terraced area you can enjoy during the day.

The Koola Bar is on three levels, with a capacity of 400 - and regularly has guest DJs. Music covers hip-hop, drum & bass, funk and beats to all types of house, alternative rock & live bands. So if those are your bag, go get 'em.

The Koola Bar is licensed to 3.30am.

Nightlife in Newquay: Walkabout Newquay
Nightlife in Newquay: Walkabout Newquay | Source


Walkabout is part of a national chain of Australian-themed bars. It's in a fabulous position during the daytime - with a terrace overlooking Towan Beach and having great sea views, although I've often found it's a bit windy sitting out there!

After dark, Walkabout changes from being a bar to being more clubby!

On Tuesdays they have an Open Mic Night - great fun!

Nightlife in Newquay: The Beach Nighclub, Newquay
Nightlife in Newquay: The Beach Nighclub, Newquay | Source

The Beach

The Beadh Nightclub is right in town.  It's quite a small club, on two levels and tends to attract the younger people.  I remember I was queueing at The Beach one night with a friend who is 23 and he turned to me and said "I feel really old".... and compared to the rest of the queue, I could see what he meant!

The Beach has got a nice, intimate feel about it though.

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A markerBerties Club -
Newquay, Cornwall TR7 1DB, UK
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B markerThe Koola Bar -
12 Beach Road, Newquay, TR7 1ES
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C markerSailors Club -
11-17 Fore Street, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 1HB
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D markerWalkabout -
The Crescent, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 1DS
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E markerThe Beach -
Newquay, Cornwall TR7 1ES, UK
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Pure is a bit off the beaten track, you have to know about it and hunt it down. Pure hosts alcohol-free sessions at the start of the summer to coincide with the post-GCSE revellers' arrival in town.

Pure is on the site of what used to be Tall Trees.

NOTE: Pure went into administration in 2010, so has closed down. It will no doubt open as a club again soon, but until then it's closed.

Barracuda Bar: CLOSED

The Barracuda Bar closed down.

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