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Lighthouse Caravan Park - Exmouth Ningaloo Reef - Potshot Hotel

Updated on October 7, 2011

Caravan parks

We prefer to free camp however as you are not allowed to in this area & we needed power we chose to stay at the Ningaloo Beach Caravan park as it sounded good on the website .

Always ask questions before you pay out for a weeks tent site.

Does your kitchen have a stove ?

Or a jug even ?

Are we allowed privacy if we stay here ?

( In summer when full you cannot expect privacy , this is When not many were staying in a park in the HOT Summer)

Across the road from the Ningaloo reef , pool etc it sounded good .

It is more of a surfing beach so take your surfboard or boogie board & wear something on your feet .The beautiful snorkeling beaches are a short way down by car.

Petrol is cheaper if you bring cash as they charge a $2 fee for using a card  & it is handy to be able to get it out there.

Bring your stove as the kitchen has a toaster & 2 fridges ! We did get the use of a jug after asking where was everything in the kitchen.

The pool ? It is refreshing after a hot night  just be  careful as you cannot stand in the pool unless you are a very tall person.

At least there is a pool !

An Apology

 I was given the wrong name when I asked at the caravan park who the person in the office I had been dealing with.

I was told it was Stephanie however that was the wrong information so I would like to say Sorry to Stephanie for using the wrong name .


Kitchen was almost empty

Lighthouse Caravan Park - Exmouth Ningaloo Reef
Lighthouse Caravan Park - Exmouth Ningaloo Reef
Power kept going off so we had to throw food out
Power kept going off so we had to throw food out

Petrol cheaper-- If you pay with cash


Refreshing after a long day , just be aware it is deep.
Refreshing after a long day , just be aware it is deep.

Camping at Ningaloo Reef

I would reccommend camping at Lakeside if you don't need power as it is beautiful there as well as close to where I swam with a turtle !!

$7 each per night close to a great swimming , snorkeling beach !

There is a toilet there as well as 2 tables & chairs with shade.

You turn off at the information centre and then go straight ahead,

I saw a stingray behind the big rock out from the beach, however the turtle was down the point.

There are others like Neds camp along the way.

Yardie homestead looks like it could be a good place to stay if you want to be further into the National Park.

kept crowding us out

Lighthouse Caravan Park - Exmouth Ningaloo Reef
Lighthouse Caravan Park - Exmouth Ningaloo Reef

Good points about the park.

To be fair I will add some good points about the park.

If you have a campervan & do not need a kitchen then it is handier for Ningaloo reef rather than stay in Exmouth.

They have a book exchange so when you want to relax under a tree there is plenty of choice of books and magazines.

They have a shop for essentuals rather than go back into town.

Emus wander thru the park and are quite friendly.

They don't take your food or try get in your car like all the crows there.

There is a washing machine !

It is nearer to Ningaloo Reef for traveling & close to the turtle tour.

No Pets- No internet at park

There are no pets allowed due to the fact they have a lot of wildlife wandering around like the emus .

If you want internet service either use it in Exmouth or up at the lighthouse and enjoy the view at the same time.

You have to go into Exmouth or sit up by the lighthouse for service !

No Dogs



We asked why we had to be squashed altoghether when there was so much space & her answer was so she Knew who had paid or not paid in the park.

she was happy enough to take $168 for a week with our tent & then ruined our visit by not allowing us any privacy , even on our last night she deliberatly put a camper right by us.

When there was only 2 of us she had us right next to each other instead of spacing us out.

We went there for a rest , relaxation & she seemed determined that we wouldn't recieve it.

Unfortunatly we had paid the week so when others left due to her inconsideration we were stuck if we didn't want to lose our money.

It does't help caravan parks out as after that stay I would far prefer to free camp or stay in a National park and choose our site.

At the moment we are at the backpackers in Exmouth & the kitchen is very well supplied & the pool is great !

Pot Shot Hotel/ Backpackers

We decided we wanted a few more days in the area but couldnt handle the stress of wondering if  the receptionist was going to keep putting someone next to us so we packed up the tent & had a few days at the Potshot Hotel in town instead.

We Loved it there ! Everyone was friendly & helpful , the pool was lovely & the kitchen was the best I have ever seen !

I highly reccommend the Potshot hotel for backpackers - families etc.

Watch out for the report & photos coming soon !!

Potshot Hotel _ Love the pool !

We could stand up in the pool
We could stand up in the pool
Unusual pool furniture
Unusual pool furniture
Bed by the pool!
Bed by the pool!
The best kitchen !
The best kitchen !
Plenty of BBQ"S
Plenty of BBQ"S


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