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Nobelcom Phone Card Company Review

Updated on August 22, 2011

Nobelcom Prepaid Calling Cards

Nobelcom is one of the most popular prepaid phone card company on the Internet. But are they reliable and ridden with scams like most companies in the same industry? With some simple research and a bit of detective work here's what I found out.

Buying and searching for phone cards on the Internet is very easy these days. Especially if you compare it to the days when phone cards could only be purchased at your neighborhood's convenience stores.

But with the so many consumers, phone cards have now become a big business with many phone card companies who jockey for position to become your phone card provider.

So you start doing a search on the best phone card companies out there. Undoubtedly you have come across many different phone card companies but have no clue where to start and which company you choose to spend your money on.

They are one of the top rated phone card company in the industry with awards for for excellence from Kiplinger and ranked #79 in Inc.500.

What sets this company far apart from the rest?

Nobelcom's biggest advantage is that they have their own carrier based facilities. What does that mean to you as a customer?

It means that whenever their is a technical issue with the phone lines they are equipped to handle the situation on site. So technical issues such as connection problems are minimized. Their services are not processed or handle through middle men, thus they have total control over their facilities and are able to troubleshoot efficiently.

Since Nobelcom has control over their own facilities they are also able to brand their own individual line of phone cards for every country that you can possibly think of calling. This means that they can create their own phone cards and pass on the savings to you that could have gone to a middle man.

Watch Me Log Onto My Nobelcom Account

A Quick Example Of Nobelcom's Low Prices

Thailand is a country I call most often so I'll use this as an example. You can also watch me log into my Nobelcom account below to prove to you that I am a customer.

Below are four types of phone cards you can choose to call Thailand which range from 1.1¢ to 2.5¢ in varying denominations.

So which card should you pick?

You should use whatever price range you are comfortable with. That's the honest answer. Nobelcom's phone cards are highly reliable and are less prone to technical problems. But here are a few things to look for to help you out.

The card with the lowest rate such as the 1.1¢ Hello Thailand card is one I use the most often. But if you click on the "Phone Card Details" link you will see that a .99¢ maintenance fee will be deducted from the value of this particular phone card on a weekly basis. Keep in mind phone cards with weekly maintenance fees are deducted after your first use of the phone card.

So if you purchase a phone card with a weekly maintenance fee and not use it at all, it will usually last a year from the date of purchase.

Also if you call from the Continental US the price goes up to 1.4¢ per minute (still a reasonable price) and a 4 minute billing increment (this just means that a conversation that last for a 1 minute will still be charged for 4 minutes).

Now take a look at the phone card called "One Second Thailand" with the 2.5¢ per minute call rate. If you take a look at the phone card's detail you will quickly notice that it has no fees at all. Though you will be paying 3¢ per minute which is still reasonable compared to your phone company's international plan.

So at this point you should know that the lower the call per minute rate the phone card has, the more fees you will find.

Personally, I use the Hello Thailand phone card with the 1.1¢ call rate. The .99¢ weekly maintenance fee is the only fee attached to the phone card and is acceptable for me because I finish the card off with a few weeks.

If you want to make international phone calls without worrying about such fees and billing increments than you should go ahead and order the cards with slightly higher call per minute rates.

Four Thailand Phone Cards Offered By Nobelcom
Four Thailand Phone Cards Offered By Nobelcom

Final Thoughts On Nobelcom's Phone Cards

Overall Nobelcom provides high quality phone cards. They are one of the very few companies that offer 24x7 customer service, including live chat to answer all of your questions.

The only gripe that I have is that they charge a $2.00 processing fee for orders under $20.00.

Nobelcom takes your credit card security seriously. When making your online purchase you have to provide a phone number where you can be immediately contacted. Because the only way that your order can be processed is if they call you and confirm your identity by asking for your billing address.

As you can see from the video above, I am a customer of Nobelcom and will continue to be so because they offer top notch phone cards and excellent customer service.

For more information on their products and services please check out Phone Cards Reviews.

Have you used Nobelcom's phone cards before? Let everyone know how it is.

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thatnks for the review - I've used a phone card for a couple of weeks after reading your article and the quality is great.


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