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Nuremberg, Germany - Castles, Churches, Museums, Market Stalls

Updated on November 16, 2016
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One of the amazing features of inner city Nuremberg are the huge number of stores and market outlets along Königstrasse, the main street from which most car traffic is excluded. This street goes up and down like a roller coaster linking plazas, churches, castles and the old fortification walls. It crosses several canals or river tributaries and is full of tourist and local enjoying the outdoor cafes and restaurants.

Castles, churches, museums, market stalls and a diverse and fascinating history are what people come here to learn more about. Königstrasse rolls down the hill from the main train station to the river crossing and up the hill on the other side to the Haupmarkt (more stalls) and St Sebald's Church and further up to the Kaiserburg Fortress.

It is a friendly city without much pretence. I was only here for a couple of days and so my shap-shot will be biased by this brevity. I was not interested in the Nazi stuff.

All Original Photos - janderson99

Historic Castles and Churches

Nuremberg has some fabulous castles, old fortification and churches. These sites are easily accessible and worth visiting. The photographs provide an introduction.

Castles and Churches - All Original Photos - janderson99

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The Community Markets and Shopping are Fabulous

The community appear to love their markets with stalls in all the major plazas and along the main street. Cars are excluded and so this means more markets and easy access.The outdoor restaurants and cafes are popular with both locals and tourists. Some shopping highlights are the many gingerbread bakeries, the fresh fruit and flowers, cheeses, salami and Rostbratwurst restaurants and street outlets, local handcrafts, ice cream, chocolates and sweets, and the inevitable pizza.There was a vast array of high class shops to browse through with shoes and clothing stores especially prominent. There was even a Pizza Hut and and Australian Pub and Restaurant.

I hopped on board one of the 'choo choo' train type tours which provided a good introduction, though there was no English commentary. There was a bus tour, but no time for that. The commentary on the bus was also only in German.

Markets and Community - All Original Photos - janderson99

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Museum and Galleries

The German National Museum has a fabulous display of art, furniture, sculptures and various historical items. (See images). The Neues Museum is one of those vast monumental places similar to thise in Germany. Vast halls full of very modern art which is hard to appreciate. I also visited the train and communication museums which were quite well done but a little light on in terms of interesting stuff.

All Original Photo by janderson99

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  • FlourishAnyway profile image

    FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

    A friend went there at Christmastime and loved the Christmas markets. It looks like the markets are quite active all year round. Great photos. Although I would look at the Nazi history stuff because my husband is such a history buff, it's good to know what else is around.