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Ocean and Water

Updated on May 18, 2009

Ocean Water Vs Rain Water

I did not know we can not drink Ocean water. When he had shortage of water in our country I thought people near to Ocean are so lucky. I landed on of the hotels in an island which is surrounded by ocean. I entered the bathroom, it was written with big letters - Save water. Water is precious. I was so surprise to see it, in a hotel at the middle of an island. I did not understand it. I was just wondering why they do not use Ocean water. I thought these people are so lazy to get water from the Ocean.

Later on I found that Ocean water can not be used for drinking purpose. It is very costly to 'filter' for drinking purpose. "Filtration" of Ocean water is called desalination which is very costly. So the people harvest rain water for many purposes which is not done in a mountainous country - Nepal. Rain water is pure and valuable. Rain water harvesting is best way to get clean water.



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