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Oceans of the Philipines

Updated on September 2, 2012

WARNING: This is not a post about what you think it is. This is a philosophical post about the oceans of the Philippines.

I wish I could write faster. I have so many thoughts and I just can't seem to get them written down before I get a new one.

I have been thinking about the ocean. The ocean is amazing. It is salty. I wonder if that helps purify the waste put into it. I mean, think of all the fish and the fish droppings (poop), add to that the human and animal waste people put into it. Between the sun, the salt, and the oxygen, Nature does a amazing job of cleansing.

I have recently learned about zeolite. Zeolite if formed when lava from volcanoes comes in contact with sea water. It forms a cage like mineral that traps toxic heavy metals and further purifies stuff dumped into the ocean.

Everyday the ocean tides come in and carries away all the dirty, grotty, stinky waste of people and animals put into the rivers and shore line. Then there is garbage. Garbage is the most unsightly. It makes me not want to walk along the shore line where lots of people live or where the rivers empty into the sea.

Manna From Heaven

Another thing the ocean does for people here in the Philippines, is brings food every day. Every day the tide goes out and leaves a shore full of 'shells', little sea shells with live muscles in them. People just have to go out and gather them everyday and they have dinner! And many do. Many of the most poor live day to day thanks to this act of the ocean. It is just like manna from heaven. Every day there is a new supply of shells for people to gather and eat.

I love Mother Nature.

Pholisophy On Life

I have been reading about parable of the grafting of the branches of the old olive tree recorded in the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon.

The Lord of the vineyard takes branches from the old olive tree and grafts them into other trees of his vineyard so as to preserve them because the old olive tree is dying. It talks about these natural branches being grafted into trees throughout the vineyard. Some places in the vineyard are better than others. The servants of the Lord point this out to Him, but the Lord, says, it matterth not, I know what I am doing.

The point of the parable is, the big old olive tree is the church and gospel as taught by Abraham, Issac and Jacob. After a long time, it stops bearing fruit and nearly dies, so branches are taken and planted (or grafted) into different parts of the world (showing to those who have eyes to see, that Heavenly Father has people all over the world and in every nation). Then they wait to see what will happen.

Well, my point is... it seems to me, the people of the Philippines were planted in a very good part of the vineyard. Mother Nature provides them nearly everything they need... Plenty of water, food from both the trees and the ocean, year round the temperature is hot. It doesn't get so cold that they can not sleep outside. Mother Nature even cleans up after herself and man! No wonder the Filipino is still 3rd World! They have no real need to do things different.

And second. God has children all over the world, not just the Jews, or Catholics, or Protestant, or Baptists. We are all God's children and we should act like it.

Now, some of the rest of us have not been so lucky. Out of necessity we have had to learn how to build warm homes. How to preserve food or starve. We have had to do something about the waste man and animals make or become sick with disease. We have had to learn to store and purify water. And we have become 1st World.

I have been thinking. Who is the best off? Those planted where Mother Nature takes care of everything, or those who have had to figure it out for themselves or die?

Another Twist

Another analogy of this same parable. Western civilization has had religion for a long long time. Catholicism traces its roots back to Peter the Apostle of Jesus. Most of the other Christian religions are a spin-off from there. Well, when we just keep living with the same level of spiritual awareness with no real need to move forward, we become 3rd World spiritually.

Maybe we are best served to be placed in a place where we have to struggle and find things out for ourselves and not just rely on old time religion or their power to save. You know, if you are not growing you are dying.

That is what damnation really is... Being stopped from learning.

Who does stops us? Usually it is ourselves.

Back To The Issues

I know the Filipino needs employment.

The increase and availability of jobs is not going to be the thing that brings the level of living up for the Filipino. It is education. Without education, the Filipino will only be taken further advantage of by a dog-eat-dog society as domestic and foreign investors alike will exploit the Filipino worker. It is already criminal how the employer can demand 12 to 14 hours a day 6 days a week and sometimes more and pay them only enough to even put food on their tables.

I see education becoming more available to all children here in the Philippines. I predict with the increase of education of the children, you will see the economic conditions of the Philippines improve dramatic and quickly as they grow into adulthood.

In the end it is education that will bring the Filipino out of their 3rd World status.


So how did we get from oceans to education? It is just from my observation of the land of plenty the Filipino has been placed in leading to complacency in their living conditions because of lack of need. But things are changing. And the change is coming from an increase of education.

And I just added the part about us all are God's because I wish more people could see it that way and stop all this silly fighting!


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