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Where Will We Go ? What Shall We Do?

Updated on April 19, 2016

Where will it take us ?


Where do your dreams take you? Do you dream of going to exotic and faraway places? Have you ever been to those places or are they just dreams? If so, where have you been ? Where did you go?

My imagination is taking me to places that are out of my reach. The places of my dreams are off the beaten path, because, they are places where I have never been before.

Places that I have only dreamed of. Places that are beyond my reach. Places that are beautiful, exciting, peaceful, adventurous. Places that are full of eye candy for the photographer or the painter.

A place deep in the forest that is full of vegetation the call of wild animals and the chatter of birds. Places that are full of sandy beaches, oceanic waves and sea shells or sea glass. Places with lakes and boats, where you can fish or water ski.

Places that are full of soft lights, romantic music and slow dancing. Places that are filled with bright lights, fantastic dinner shows and the winning slot machines.

Off the beaten path to a place where you can play in the snow.."Hey, You want to build a snowman"? Or to a place in the desert with camels and a beautiful oasis.

Walking along the Beach At The Waters Edge


On Sandy Beaches

Off the beaten path where could it be?

Could it be a warm sandy beach surrounding a beautiful ocean.?

A place to relax in the sun while working on that golden tan.

A place to watch the surfers ride the waves.

A Place to listen to the children laugh and play while building a sand castle.

Is Off the beaten path a place where you sip on a lovely drink that is embellished with sweet fruit and a little umbrella all the while day dreaming of living with your prince charming in said Sand Castle?

A Beautiful Oasis


Riding A Camel To Petra


The Desert Oasis

A place far away ..

A place in the desert where you ride upon a camels back as the beautiful animal takes you slowly across the sand dunes as we make our way across the desert to an awesome Oasis with palm trees and dates .

An Oasis of cooling pools of water to wash away the dust of the day.

A place where you will lie down to rest under the huge starry moon filled night,

As you slowly drift off into a sound sleep dreaming away as the soft breeze gently blows upon your face and through your hair as you are flying through the sultry night on a magic carpet ride.

Moss On The Forest Floor


Wild Mushroom


Grazing Fawns


A Walk In The Forest

Get off the beaten path and take a walk with me through the forest.

It is so cool and refreshing here.

Take off your shoes and feel the moss under your feet and between your toes. Look at the beautiful mushrooms growing wild upon the forest floor.

Listen to the noisy chitter chatter of the beautiful birds as they call to each other to warn them of our presence.

Come let us sit quietly upon this rock as we watch the the herd of fawns as they graze on the lush green grass and drink of water from the Chrystal clear babbling brook.


Cottage On The Lake

There is a cottage on the lake just off the beaten path.

It is a small and quaint little cottage. Nothing fancy, just a cute little place to shower , change and rest my weary body after a long day of boating, hiking or swinging from the tree rope that hangs above the lake.

The little cottage has a tiny little kitchen, just big enough to fry up the fish that we caught when fishing from the dock.

All Aboard


All Aboard

Dress warm we are sailing away...

Let us get off the beaten path and jump aboard a Cruise Ship headed to Alaska.

Where we will see the icy glaciers up close and personal..BRRRR..

Where we will fish in the beautiful icy cold waters for wild Alaskan Salmon.

When we are off the beaten paths and in our dream space..The big one never gets away.

Where we drive the dog sleds off the beaten path to the Yukon.

A place where we will strike it rich as we pan for gold.

We will find the mother lode in our dreams that are off the beaten path

Glacier Bay

The Lights Are Much Brighter There


Las Vegas

Action and adventure..Bright lights, Movie Stars, Glitter and Glamour, can be found at most Casino's in Las Vegas. And if you are willing to take the risk or the gamble try your hand at the poker table, Roulette Wheel or a Slot Machine.

If you are really adventurous you may find yourself at the off the beaten path, tying the knot an getting hitched at the Little Church Of The West Wedding Chapel..Hee Haw!

Little Church Of The West


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    • Pawpawwrites profile image

      Jim 2 years ago from Kansas

      Off the beaten path.....that is where I love to go too.

    • Rachel L Alba profile image

      Rachel L Alba 2 years ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

      I think sometimes when everything is going crazy around me and I just can't take anymore and I cry out to God, and then things start calming down and spiritually and mentally I think of it as off the beaten path or a beautiful oasis. I really enjoyed reading your hub. Thanks for posting it.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 2 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Keep dreaming. One day, you'll be surprised you'll be there. We have our cottage on the lake thanks to my husband's parents and we have a beach place, too, but we are working in other countries which we love as well. I find that once you have what you dream for, you get to dream of other things.