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Official Festivals in Croatia

Updated on September 16, 2012
Borrowed from Wikipedia
Borrowed from Wikipedia

Anyone looking for a great vacation this year should strongly consider going to Croatia. Tourism in Croatia is a well developed industry. Thousands upon thousands of tourists travel to the country due to its extensive coastline and well preserve coastal Renaissance towns.

There are numerous magnificent places to see in Croatia.

  • National parks can be found on eight different areas
  • Croatia has seven world heritage sites included in the list of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization)
  • The flotillas of yachts along various stretches of the coastline are a haven for diving fanatics or any traveler who enjoys underwater exploration.

Aside from the enticing list above, research shows that nine festivals has been formally announced to take place this year. These festivals are listed below according to the date of the event:

Event: INmusic Festival

Venue: Zagreb

Date: June 29 to 30 ‘2012

Remarks: The festival combined with a long weekend in the country’s capital sums up to an awesome experience.

Event: Hideout Festival

Venue: Town of Novalja in the island of Pag

Date: June 29 to July 1 ‘2012

Remarks: After its successful launch last year, attendees can expect the same level of excitement, if not better, show this year.

Event: Garden Festival

Venue: Tisno

Date: July 4 to 11 ‘2012

Remarks: New venue but same great festival.

Event: Electric Elephant

Venue: Tisno

Date: July 12 to 16 ‘2012

Remarks: Party people get ready and save up the energy for a seemingly ultimate coastal partying – that is if you can still continue with the Electric Elephant festival.

Event: Seasplash Festival

Venue: Pula

Date: July 19 to 22 ‘2012

Remarks: Every year Seasplash hosts an assorted mix of musical performance from different genre. No mp3 players please.

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Event: Soundwave Festival Croatia

Venue: Tisno

Date: July 19 to 23 ‘2012

Remarks: The third festival in Tisno is also the fourth Soundwave Festival!

Event: SuncéBeat

Venue: Tisno,

Date: July 27 to 29 ‘2012

Remarks: Tisno really did it this year. Interestingly, unlike the Soundwave festival, the fourth festival of Tisno is the third appearance of SuncéBeat.

Event: Stop Making Sense Festival

Venue: Tisno

Date: August 2 to 6 ‘2012

Remarks: The final festival this summer in Tisno, SMS (not text messaging) concludes an awesome experience for any tourist, traveler, or local.

Event: Outlook Festival

Venue: Pula

Date: August 30 to September 2 ‘2012

Remarks: A mix of modern sound system in a historically rich site. Enjoy such music types as reggae, dub, dubstep, hip-hop, etc…

Going to Croatia is relatively easy as one can go by plane or ferry. For a cheap flight to croatia or budget boat ride to the country, make sure to regularly check official websites of airlines and ferry.

With the number of tourists expected to arrive, local transportation can be quite problematic. To avoid transportation hassles, simply use goCatch best taxi app. goCatch allows anyone in Croatia, who owns an iPhone or Android compatible mobile device, to book a taxi anytime anywhere.

That’s just about it. Be sure to bookmark this page for updates and formal announcement of additional festivals.

Know any of the festivals?

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